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Saturday, July 31, 2010

You Are Sixteen Going On Seventeen...

Long Floral Ruffle Dress: Thrifted.
Straw Hat with Flowers: Thrifted.
Tan Flats: Thrifted.
Gold Key Necklace: Came with a Book.
Brown Belt: Kohl's.

Well... today is my last day of being sixteen years old! Tomorrow I turn SEVENTEEN!! I've always thought seventeen to be the truly perfect age. You're not 18 and officially an adult with responsibilities, and yet you're not all that young either. For some reason I've just always wanted to be seventeen. When I was a little girl I always admired the older girls who were in high school and for some reason I couldn't wait to be their age, which was seventeen. I can't explain it but it feels like such a magical age for some reason. Here's some of the things I think of about turning seventeen...

  • When I was younger I always thought a person had to actually be seventeen to read Seventeen Magazine! Haha, Obviously, that's not the case but for some reason it will feel special to me in a strange way to actually be seventeen and read that magazine. I always just couldn't wait for some reason to be seventeen reading Seventeen.

  • I will officially be able to go to an R rated movie! Hoot hoot! Not like it's really a huge deal or anything. For goodness sakes my parents made me wait until I was thirteen to go see a pg-13 movie. I haven't even seen really that many R movies. They are all too gore-y and usually too vulgar my my liking. Give me a romance movie any day! (which I saw Letters to Juliet today and LOVED!) Still, I'm going to feel pretty cool going to my first R movie at the theater or renting a R movie at Blockbuster!

  • I know it's not really important but in my favorite book, Someone Like You, the main characters are seventeen. I know, strange and weird to think about. I've read the book so many times though and always thought to myself everytime, " I just can't wait to be seventeen like Haley and Scarlett!"

  • Oh, you all know the song from the sound of music... "You are sixteen going on seventeen Baby, it's time to think Better beware, be canny and careful Baby, you're on the brink..."

  • Finally, I always think of how Allie and Noah were seventeen when they first met in my favorite movie of all time, The Notebook. Now, I don't feel like I'm going to meet the love of my life or anything when I turn seventeen like them, but it's just that I have an infatuation with Allie in the movie. It's crazy to admit, but I always pretend that I'm Allie Hamilton when I dress in vintage clothing. If I ever need inspired, I just watch The Notebook and I'm hooked on red lipstick and vintage clothes for quite awhile after. I just admire her so much in the movie and am so inspired by her (even though she is only imaginary!) It just feels so special that I'll be the same age as her now.

    I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! Tomorrow I'm going out to eat and having a little party with some family for my birthday! I'm very excited :) I don't turn seventeen officially until 9:57 tomorrow night, so I'm going to enjoy being sixteen just a little while longer, hehe.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Tie Neck Blouse: Where Have You Been All My Life...?

Black Lace Tie Neck Blouse: Thrifted.
Grey Pleated Skirt: Thrifted.
Black Heels: Thrifted.
Clip On Cameo Earrings: Thrifted.
Black Belt: Forever21.
Silver Cameo Ring: Target.

Hello everyone!

Not much to really say about today! School is exactly one month away though, and that makes me very, very sad :(

P.S. Instead of using hot rollers to curl my hair, I slept in foam rollers over night instead. Can you tell the difference. Haha, neither can I! However, the curls did stay put in my hair really well and didn't flatten or  uncurl like my hair does 15 minutes after I curl it with hot rollers. If they weren't so painful to sleep in I would do foam rollers all the time!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Shoulda' Put A Ring On It!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick little post about the new ring I bought at Target the other day! I had a gift certificate there for eight dollars, so that meant it was definitely time to expand my jewelery collection a bit more hehe. I'm was tired of getting the usual necklace and decided to mix it up a little bit a buy a ring! I've acquired a certain infatuation with rings lately, perhaps because I don't own ANY! For awhile now I've had pictures of various adorable rings saved on my computer and I've been meaning to do a post (which I'll still have to do!) Rings are so eye catching and add a little pop of interest to any outfit. I was super excited to find this cameo ring at Target for only $4! It goes with so much and I love the vintage feel it has to it :)

Until tomorrow...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Persistency Achieves What You Want.

What a fantastic day I had thrifting! Matt must be my lucky charm, hehe :) I found the dress of my dreams and the highly coveted "tie at the neck" blouse that I have been searching for ages, upon ages for... Plus everything was half off: the cherry on top of the HUGE ice cream sundae!

  • 1940's Inspired Dress with Trumpet Skirt and Tie at Neck: $2.50. Oh.my.goodness. I cannot believe that I found this beautiful dress at VOA for only $2.50. It's not really as old as it looks:the tag on the inside says Chadwick's and looks modern. This dress seriously has every single thing I have been looking for in a dress in one. 1. It has a tie at the neck!!! 2. The flutter sleeves are so feminine and pretty 3. The trumpet skirt 4. I love, love, love the way the dress buttons up the front and empathizes a women's waist 5. Polka dots are my favorite pattern, but I love how from far away the diamonds on the dress look like polka dots. This dress is so 1940's inspired and impeccably beautiful. It makes me feel so... gorgeous. I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear this dress on the first day of school!
  • Pleated Navy Wool Skirt: $1. I have a grey skirt that is very similar to this one that is probably my favorite and most worn skirt I have! It's nice to have it in navy, a very versatile color. Also, this skirt is 100% wool which will keep me nice and toasty in the winter, yet still fashionable :)
  • Black Polka Dot Lace Top with Tie: $2. I thought I was lucky when I found the dress of my dreams with the tie at the neck, but boy was I ecstatic upon finding the blouse of my dreams with a tie at the neck! I just love everything about this top like the dress! It's actually from Forever21 which is sort of cool because that's my favorite "store store," as in store where the clothes I buy are actually new, haha. The pictures do not truly do the blouse enough justice!
  • Black and White Patterned Smock Dress: $2. There's something so easy but yet pretty about this dress. I love the simple shape and bold pattern! It's just one of those dresses that is so easy to slip on when you need something easy to wear for the day. The fabric is like jersey so it's super comfy!
  • Sheer Floral Ruffle Dress: $1. This dress is much more pretty than you think in real life. I know, I know, it kind of looks ugly but it really isn't! It's very feminine and flowy. I really can't wait to wear this dress in the fall with some boots,tights, and a cardigan! First things first, however, this baby needs shortened! Just a few inches is all :)

Thrifting Total: $ 8.50!

After thrifting this morning, Matt and I went out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant! I've really been craving Mexican food lately and Matt said I could pick anywhere I wanted since it was for my (early) birthday! Mmm I got my three hard shell beef tacos like I always do. Why does grease have to be so bad for you when it tastes so darn good!? Then, this evening Matt and I went bowling! Wow, it had a been awhile since we had gone bowling (after prom in May!) and it was a ton of fun. Tuesdays are half off games, too! We played two games and Matt totally smoked me the first game, but I came back and got him the second game as revenge (evil laugh!)

Take care everyone! Hope you all are doing well.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

If It's Love...

Black Lace Bow Dress: Forever21.
Velvet Black Heels: Thrifted.
Pearl Bracelet: Walmart.
Pearl necklace: Kohl's.
Pearl Earrings: Thrifted.
Pink Sea Shell Clutch: Thrifted.
Pink Bow Hat w/ Veil: Thrifted.

Ah! I'm so in love with this hat!! It's one of my best thrift finds ever... I was so happy that I found a purse in my collection that matched perfectly with the hat. You can't tell, but I painted my nails to match my hat and purse, too :)

My birthday is this coming Sunday, August 1st, and I'll be turning seventeen! For my present Matt is taking me thrifting: GASP! Like most guys, Matt hates shopping and for him to take me out thrifting is a huge deal, hehe. I'm really so, so excited. He refused to just give me money to go out and spend money on clothes, but he is willing to go out with me and watch me pick out clothes with his money! Haha. So, on Tuesday him and I are going to venture out early to VOA and see what I can find. Why on Tuesday you might wonder? Well because everything in the store is half off! Hooray! :)

Hats Off To You Miss!

Straw Daisy Hat: $2.
Pink 1940's Bow Hat w/ Veil: $4.
1950's Floral Topper Hat: $3.

Well, I was about ready to give up on finding vintage treasures at garage sales until today. I spotted in the newspaper under the garage sales an advertisement that said "vintage market." I was curious and the sale was only two streets away from where I live so I decided to venture on over and take a peek. I was awestruck as soon as I pulled up to the garage sale. There were SO many gorgeous vintage treasures. I honestly thought I was dreaming because at garage sales usually there's only kids toys and baby clothes!

I zoomed right to the the chest that contained a bunch of vintage hats, of course! Wow... I still cannot believe what fantastic luck I had! I walked away from the sale with three new (to me that is) hats!

The first one in the pictures is a little straw hat with a white ribbon around it and daisies in the front. It reminds me of something a little girl would wear, but perhaps that's why I like it so much! The second hat above is my favorite hat I got today, and my favorite vintage hat I've EVER gotten. I'm seriously in love with this hat. It's beautiful and everything I've always wanted in a vintage hat! Pink, a giant bow, a veil. What's not to love!? Surprisingly the veil is in perfect condition. It seems that someone had this beautiful hat in a hat box for seventy years and never took it out because it looks flawless! The final hat is an adorable little 1950's floral topper hat! It only has just a tiny little hole at the top, but it's nothing really bother some or eye catching.

I am so, SO excited to be lucky enough to own these gorgeous vintage hats and I can't wait to start wearing them. First up is the pink bow hat tomorrow for church :)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

You Are The Only Exception.

Purple 1980's Dress w/ Belt: Thrifted.
Black and Diamond Pendant Necklace: Thirfted.
Black Knee Socks: Stolen From Mom!
Black T-Strap Wedge Heels: Gabriel Brother's.
Black Sequin Hat: Thrifted.
Hello everyone!

It is hot, hot hot out! Whew! It was my goal to get up early this morning and take some outfit pictures before it got too hot out. I got out fairly early, but let me tell you: not quite early enough! This dress was definitely not made to wear in 90 degree summer heat. It probably wasn't wise for me to wear knee socks either. The sweat was literally just pouring off of me and I felt so sticky and gross while shooting these pictures. Believe it or not my hair was actually really curly this morning when I first set out. I was probably only five minutes into shooting when all of the curls fell totally flat and frizzy! Ah, oh well. :)

I've actually had this dress stashed away since March when I bought it at a church rummage sale. It was super long, but I had my talented seamstress shorten it for me and it looks much better! I'm not a really big fan of the puffy 1980's sleeves, but hey: beggars can't be choosers. The dress is actually a very vibrant purple color but I played around with the coloring of the pictures so they would look more vintage. Oh, and just another little quick note about the dress: it seems to be handmade!

P.S. I have something very exciting to show you all later! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Biggest Indoor Water Park In The USA!

I went to Kalahari, what? On Monday and Tuesday and I'm now just getting around to posting about it?! Jeez I'm behind. I know this has nothing to do at all with fashion, but this blog is sort of like a personal diary for me to write about my life, as well. Hold in there my loyal readers! I promise I'll start posting outfit pictures tomorrow again! I got some of my vintage clothes altered and feel like I just went out and bought a whole bunch of new things. I have a vintage dress I'm wearing tomorrow that I've had since March: never been worn by me or had pictures taken in! I'm super excited :)

Well, my trip to Kalahari was everything I had hoped for! It really was a blast and I was amazed by the size and beauty of the hotel/water park. It's actually the largest indoor water park in the U.S.A. I only dared to take one photo of myself, and of course I had to bring Matt down with me! I'm ashamed to say my fashion choices weren't exactly the greatest on this trip( shhh hehe.)

I took a picture of my two favorite rides at the park which were these funnel like things that reminded me of giant toilet bowls! On one of the rides you shoot out of the slide on your back and spin around in the funnel until you fall out and into a pit full of water below! The one beside it is very similar, only a person is on a raft instead of his or her back. Almost every time I would go head first out of the body slide funnel which was scary but exhilarating! It was hilarious when my dad went on it: he could barely walk after the ride because he was so dizzy!

There were 13 slides, a wave pool, water basketball courts, multiple children play areas, a lazy river and so much more at the park! Aside from the actual water park itself there was a golf course inside, an arcade, ice cream shop, candy store, restaurants, a wildlife safari, rope and rock climbing, and a zip line! Mmmm my favorite part was definitely the candy and sweets shop hehe. Those big cookies with all of the candy are called Pizza Cookies and looked so delicious! I didn't get one, but I got something even better. A piece of that giant chocolate cake! Gosh, it was darn good :)

We spent Monday night at the hotel and that was certainly a night I won't forget... With my dad's snoring, my sister taking up more than half the bed, and her kicking me it was not one of the best nights of sleep I ever got, haha!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wishing For: Modcloth Structured Collar Dresses.

1. Baba Blue Dress: $99.99
2. Share the Berries Dress: $69.99
3. Quiet Campus Stroll Dress in Purple: $89.99
4. Beach Afternoon Picnic Dress: $99.99
5. Afternoon Company Dress in Polka Dots: $52.99

Oh, goodness... if I could own just one dress from anywhere right now it would have to be Modcloth. I greedily eye all of their stunning retro inspired dresses every day online and dream that one day I might own just one. For me I just can't blow half on the life guarding money I've been saving all summer on one dress! Most of my clothes are just cheap and not very good quality, so it's my dream to own a nicely made and somewhat expensive dress someday.

The structured shirt collar dresses from Modcloth really beautifully and of course are retro inspired captures my liking. These are just a few of the collar dresses that I drool over from Modcloth! I don't even think I could pick a favorite. They're all just too lovely for words!
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