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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Persistency Achieves What You Want.

What a fantastic day I had thrifting! Matt must be my lucky charm, hehe :) I found the dress of my dreams and the highly coveted "tie at the neck" blouse that I have been searching for ages, upon ages for... Plus everything was half off: the cherry on top of the HUGE ice cream sundae!

  • 1940's Inspired Dress with Trumpet Skirt and Tie at Neck: $2.50. Oh.my.goodness. I cannot believe that I found this beautiful dress at VOA for only $2.50. It's not really as old as it looks:the tag on the inside says Chadwick's and looks modern. This dress seriously has every single thing I have been looking for in a dress in one. 1. It has a tie at the neck!!! 2. The flutter sleeves are so feminine and pretty 3. The trumpet skirt 4. I love, love, love the way the dress buttons up the front and empathizes a women's waist 5. Polka dots are my favorite pattern, but I love how from far away the diamonds on the dress look like polka dots. This dress is so 1940's inspired and impeccably beautiful. It makes me feel so... gorgeous. I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear this dress on the first day of school!
  • Pleated Navy Wool Skirt: $1. I have a grey skirt that is very similar to this one that is probably my favorite and most worn skirt I have! It's nice to have it in navy, a very versatile color. Also, this skirt is 100% wool which will keep me nice and toasty in the winter, yet still fashionable :)
  • Black Polka Dot Lace Top with Tie: $2. I thought I was lucky when I found the dress of my dreams with the tie at the neck, but boy was I ecstatic upon finding the blouse of my dreams with a tie at the neck! I just love everything about this top like the dress! It's actually from Forever21 which is sort of cool because that's my favorite "store store," as in store where the clothes I buy are actually new, haha. The pictures do not truly do the blouse enough justice!
  • Black and White Patterned Smock Dress: $2. There's something so easy but yet pretty about this dress. I love the simple shape and bold pattern! It's just one of those dresses that is so easy to slip on when you need something easy to wear for the day. The fabric is like jersey so it's super comfy!
  • Sheer Floral Ruffle Dress: $1. This dress is much more pretty than you think in real life. I know, I know, it kind of looks ugly but it really isn't! It's very feminine and flowy. I really can't wait to wear this dress in the fall with some boots,tights, and a cardigan! First things first, however, this baby needs shortened! Just a few inches is all :)

Thrifting Total: $ 8.50!

After thrifting this morning, Matt and I went out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant! I've really been craving Mexican food lately and Matt said I could pick anywhere I wanted since it was for my (early) birthday! Mmm I got my three hard shell beef tacos like I always do. Why does grease have to be so bad for you when it tastes so darn good!? Then, this evening Matt and I went bowling! Wow, it had a been awhile since we had gone bowling (after prom in May!) and it was a ton of fun. Tuesdays are half off games, too! We played two games and Matt totally smoked me the first game, but I came back and got him the second game as revenge (evil laugh!)

Take care everyone! Hope you all are doing well.



Mandy said...

You definitely have a lot of luck thrifting! I never manage to find any decent dresses at thrift stores.

Jenna said...

That sheer dress is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Thrifting is hard but you always find the best stuff!!! Seriously that dress ROCKS!!!! I'm glad you found the dress of your dreams and the tie-at-neck blouse!!!
--- Jen

Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

Wow, Lauren!! These thrift finds are amazing, can't wait to see you style them up! Matt's such a sweetheart to take you thrifting, definitely your good luck charm! xx

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