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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Biggest Indoor Water Park In The USA!

I went to Kalahari, what? On Monday and Tuesday and I'm now just getting around to posting about it?! Jeez I'm behind. I know this has nothing to do at all with fashion, but this blog is sort of like a personal diary for me to write about my life, as well. Hold in there my loyal readers! I promise I'll start posting outfit pictures tomorrow again! I got some of my vintage clothes altered and feel like I just went out and bought a whole bunch of new things. I have a vintage dress I'm wearing tomorrow that I've had since March: never been worn by me or had pictures taken in! I'm super excited :)

Well, my trip to Kalahari was everything I had hoped for! It really was a blast and I was amazed by the size and beauty of the hotel/water park. It's actually the largest indoor water park in the U.S.A. I only dared to take one photo of myself, and of course I had to bring Matt down with me! I'm ashamed to say my fashion choices weren't exactly the greatest on this trip( shhh hehe.)

I took a picture of my two favorite rides at the park which were these funnel like things that reminded me of giant toilet bowls! On one of the rides you shoot out of the slide on your back and spin around in the funnel until you fall out and into a pit full of water below! The one beside it is very similar, only a person is on a raft instead of his or her back. Almost every time I would go head first out of the body slide funnel which was scary but exhilarating! It was hilarious when my dad went on it: he could barely walk after the ride because he was so dizzy!

There were 13 slides, a wave pool, water basketball courts, multiple children play areas, a lazy river and so much more at the park! Aside from the actual water park itself there was a golf course inside, an arcade, ice cream shop, candy store, restaurants, a wildlife safari, rope and rock climbing, and a zip line! Mmmm my favorite part was definitely the candy and sweets shop hehe. Those big cookies with all of the candy are called Pizza Cookies and looked so delicious! I didn't get one, but I got something even better. A piece of that giant chocolate cake! Gosh, it was darn good :)

We spent Monday night at the hotel and that was certainly a night I won't forget... With my dad's snoring, my sister taking up more than half the bed, and her kicking me it was not one of the best nights of sleep I ever got, haha!


Mila said...

Oh. my. gosh!!!! That looks amazing!!! I love waterparks and this one looks AWESOME. We have toilet bowl slides where I live at a lot of waterparks and at places like this thing called Adventureland.

My Dad always snores too, haha....:) Your sister's so cute!! The treats look yummy!
I hope you had an amazing time:D


Jenna said...

No way that place is huge!!!!! I remember watching about it on the Travel Channel :D Waterparks are so much fun!!! It looks like you had a blast!!!
My dad snores too!!! It must be a dad thing ha ha
--- Jen

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