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Monday, July 19, 2010

Plums and Lace, Lace and Plums!

Plum Lace Sleeveless Dress: Forever21.
Black Patent High Heels: Thrifted.
Gold Necklace: Thrifted.
Matching Gold Bracelet: Thrifted.
Black Patent Belt: Kohl's.

Hello everyone! Sorry for my short absence because of the big swim meet.. I did do actually better than I thought I was going to which really surprised me. I was determined to show everyone that even though I quit during the winter, I still have determination to do my best, push myself, and give it everything I have during summer team! Whew, glad it's all over though. I was certainly a nervous wreck... Oh, and in case you were wondering the outfit above I wore to the swim team banquet that was yesterday! I was by far the most dressed up one there... hehe.

Unfortunately, I still won't be in the blogging world the next few days again, for I have a few trips planned with my family! Today my family, me, and Matt are all going to Kalahari, which is an indoor and outdoor water park. I'm am so excited for this trip. We're going up today and then spending the night (the water park is also part hotel), and also staying part of the day tomorrow. So... that puts us at blogging resuming on Wednesday. Oh, but wait! On Wednesday my family and I are going down to Oxford, Ohio to... go on a college visit!

So far the only college that I've looked at online and kind of done extensive research is called Miami University. It seems like the perfect college for me for some odd reason and I haven't even visited yet! There's one horrible thing about the college, however, and that is it's three hours away from home! Part of me wants to really like this college, and part of me almost doesn't.

So sadly this means I probably won't do another post until Thursday which seems like such a long time away! I'm so sorry and I'm going to miss blogging and all of you guys, too.

Take care everyone and have a great beginning and middle of the week. I promise I'll be back for the end of it ;)

P.S. I'll make sure to take LOTS of pictures of Miami to show you all and get your input!


Mary said...

Just found your blog today-- I love it! What a gorgeous dress, that color is fantastic on you. Have fun at the Kalahari, I LOVE it there! It's always fun to find a fellow midwestern blogger, too :)

Jenna said...

Awesome outfit!! Have fun on your trips!!
-- Jen

Mandy said...

Awesome job about the swimming! Very adorable dress. Enjoy your trips.

Unknown said...

Miami is a great community to live and be involved in. watch out, they do like to party ;)
The town is very quaint and they really get involved in rooting for their teams.
I just tagged u for am award, so when u get back, please pick it up (if u want to)
by the way, you look so stylish in those pumps! And as always, love your shots :)

Maria said...

You look very pretty in that dress. I love the way the belt accentuates your waist.

Glad to hear you did well at the swim meet.

Beth said...

Have a great trip- You look adorable. Love the shape of the dress and the pumps are so classic.

Miami is really amazingly fun, but you seem like the type if girl that wouldn't get too distracted from her studies. Which is good

Mab said...

wonderful color of dress ^^

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