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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Malabar Farm Part One: The Outfit and Backround Info.

Cream Blouse: Old Navy.
Brown Shorts: Old Navy.
Brown Gladiator Sandals(that are broken!): Gabriel Brother's.
Brown Shell Bracelet: Myrtle Beach, from Matt.
Tan Straw Hat With Flowers: Antique Store.
Gold Cameo Necklace: Thrifted.

On Thursday I went to a little place called Malabar Farm about twenty minutes away from where I live with my sister and grandma! Once again, Malabar Farm was a place that I took a field trip to when I was very young in school and I hated going. Yuck! It was just a boring, old farm! It's funny how much things have changed since then... Malabar farm was created back in the the 1930's by a man named Louis Bromfield, who was actually a very popular writer and then became one of the most successful farmers in America. He decided to take up farming after writing novels for a period of time, and combined three farms to create Malabar Farm. Louis used the money he made from his novels to pay for building a huge, beautiful house for him and his family to live in at the farm. A few years after the house was built Louis asked great and longtime friend, Humphrey Bogart, to marry actress Lauren Bacall at Malabar Farm. The two wanted to hide the wedding from the paparazzi, and no one but close friends and family to know about it; however, the paparazzi did find out about the wedding of the two famous thespians and flocked to Malabar Farm. Lauren and Humphrey still did get married at Malabar Farm in the front room of the house between the double staircase. They Honeymooned in a room in the house, and even had the wedding party there.

Well, I was lucky enough to go into the house and take pictures! I got to see where Lauren and Humphrey got married, the honeymoon room, where they cut their cake, and various other beautiful rooms of the 32 room home. I really didn't realize how many pictures I had taken until I got home an looked at them all... I then knew that I had to do two separate posts: one for my outfit that day, and a second one just for the house. I plan on posting pictures of the inside of the house tomorrow, and also will give more information about the house, Louis, and misc facts that you probably don't care about but I find terribly interesting!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July! Until my next post, take care lovelies :)


Maria said...

Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see the ones from inside the house. Also, very cute outfit. Seems to be perfect for the ocassion.

Carys said...

You look so cute!! I just love your outfit, that hat is so nice!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Mandy said...

Such adorable outfit and photos. You are inspiring me to go out and explore my area more as we have tons of farms/flower fields / historical areas.

Unknown said...

You look adorable!
isn't it fun to explore your own "area's" again?

Cota said...

You look so cute!! I just love your outfit, that hat is so nice!! From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

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