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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life's Snapshots #39.

Always match your lipstick to your cookie.

Haven't been to a cuter Starbucks than the one we have here in Kent.

Cold, cold January.

The most perfectly mixmatched and home-y coffee shop.

Favorite shoes :)

Ying Yang cafe mochas.

Relax, it's just coffee.

Been working my way through this. Surviving your 20's from a Christian standpoint. It's been helping a lot!

Had to rep my favorite coffee shop, even at Kent.

After a long day, this got me through.

The sky is the limit.

A horrid picture of me, but I love my little sister too much to preserve any dignity that I have left and I'm going to post this on the internet anyways.

Breakfast hangs before I left for school.

So I realize that 8 outta 10 of these photos have something to do with coffee. Now I'm ashamed.

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With much love, Lauren.


Unknown said...

A java dominated post is nothing to be ashamed of :) I hope it was a decaf post though as I close to going to bed and would not want to be up all night :)

So many cute shots but that first one with gorgeous you and the one with your favorite shoes and those lovely tights feet are my favorites.

Your next post should totally be titled Cream and Sugar :)

Ciara said...

Oooooooh, who's the cutie on the last picture? ;)

Unknown said...

I've never seen that lindt chocolate before! it's so funny, a cute packaging!

Facebook Page Bonjourchiara
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Unknown said...

Awww that Starbucks is so cute<3 Where in Kent do you live? I live near Kent
Tiana x

Emmy said...

Love them all. That first picture is adorable, and you and your sister look so cute together!

Unknown said...

Nothing to be ashamed about. Coffee gets me through everyday too. Especially during this horrid cold weather we've been having here at Kent…

Can I just point out how absolutely gorgeous you are!? I've told you before, but felt the need to again. Xo

Fashionably Kay

Anonymous said...

*Gasp* there's a boy. >.> *eyes you suspiciously teasingly, aware that it's probably nothing, but still*

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