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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cotton Candy Confection.

Pink Vintage Blouse: Thrifted.
Circle Skirt: H&M.
Knee Socks: Urban Outfitters.
Bunny Shoes: Giveaway win from Le Bunny Bleu.
Pearl Necklace: Gift from my grandmother.
Lipstick in MAC's Please Me.

Hi everyone!

The last few days have been a bit a lot of a mess, hence the small absence from the blog. I just came back to Kent tonight and boy was it bad timing to have all of this happen the past few days.

Well. Something you all might not know about me is that I am incredibly dumb. Dumb in the sense that I am always losing things,  breaking things, and finding a way to screw things up. My family deems me a walking disaster, and I can't quite say I disagree with them on that statement. So, I lost my wallet a few days ago and in it my two credit cards and my ID card for college. I spent all of the last few days looking for it and tearing the house apart and to no avail...couldn't find it. We had to stop both my cards and issue new ones which means I'll be without money for awhile until they come in. Which is just super inconvenient the first week of school when you need to buy so many nicks and nacks. And as for my ID card, I have to wait until tomorrow when I can get a new one and I'll of course have to pay a fee (as with the other cards). Seems all my money I earned over break is going to fixing my mistake instead of saving for Italy like I would have hoped. I can't eat until I have the ID reissued because it has all my meal plan money on it. Yeah, I messed up big time.

And then back in the early fall I broke my computer charger and had been scraping by getting it to work in an unusual way which, after months, broke the plug in the computer completely and now I'm without a computer. We had to send it in to be repaired and it won't be here for another week and a half. Can I mention I have two online classes this semester? Eugh. My grandfather is a saint and thankfully let me borrow his laptop for the time being before I get mine back. How the man trusts me when I have the worst track record EVER lately is beyond me. Like I said, he's a saint.

It was just bad timing for these really inconvient things to happen and then truthfully, I feel no where near prepared and ready to start this new semester. I feel frazzled and disjointed with everything and just not 'mentally' there enough to get it together right now. I'm still in veg mode back at home-- not full blown let's live on my own and start a new semester of college mode. As always, I should have thought about things more. I should have better planned and thought out everything. When I'll ever learn is beyond me--it exhausts me and my parents how scatter brained I can be sometimes.

Although I am excited and looking forward to being back here at Kent, I just wish I would have taken the time to have really left time and effort to make sure I got off to a good start here for my new semester. Hopefully I get it together soon. I'll let you know, but don't expect too much. x

With much love, Lauren.


Lily Fang said...

Aw, Lauren! Deep breaths. I'm so sorry to hear about all of that. I do crazy stuff like that all the time haha--I've left for orchestra rehearsal not only without my music before, but also my violin. Um, what was I thinking?! But fingers crossed you'll get all your card issues figured out soon. Eating is kinda important, you know (; Glad your grandfather is so sweet to help you out!

You look simply stunning though! You debutted that gorgeous "cupcake" top from instagram! And I'm in love with those cute flats--perfect match with those pretty socks!

Praying for you, Lauren!

Unknown said...

Poor sweat dear! So sorry you are having to deal with these issues. The good news is, they are all only temporary setbacks. When the storm passes, you will still be the same amazing, kind woman on a path to following her dreams. And, until then, it is great you have a support system so strong in place to help you out. That is part of what family is for. I cannot imagine anyone knowing you and not wanting to help you anytime you were in need. Take heart, for the bright morning is near of relief.

As for the outfit, wowzers! So lovely. Your hair is just a brilliant cascade and your eyes are so stunning. Of course I adore those socks on you and was so appreciative of that last shot. Such lovely legs, dear :) And your necklace and top are both so classically wonderful.

Keep being you, forgive yourself, hug yourself. This too shall pass :)

marcia said...

Oh, I feel you. I swear I make an awkward mess out of everything. Praying this week is better! (also: I adore that blouse!)

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

I feel ya! Whenever something goes wrong, it seems that everything goes wrong. It will get better!
You look darling. I love your blouse and your socks!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry so much has happened to you all in such a short time! We all have those walking disaster moments, it can only get better now!

P.S. Love your outfit!

Unknown said...

Oh no. Losing a wallet is such a pain. I hope things start to look up for you soon and that your computer and wallet issues get sorted out.

At least you look adorable in these pictures! I love this mix of gray and pink so much. Your shoes are the cutest things ever and I love the ruffles on your blouse too.

Unknown said...

Cheer up! I'm sure this is just the worsest of it. It'll get better :) I'm like you I'm a total ditz sometimes and I loss things all the time

Madison Martine said...

Absolutely love your socks!!

Madison Martine

Unknown said...

Aw, best of luck Lauren, hopefully from here on end everything will go your way! A similar thing happened to me last November...Someone actually stole my wallet while I was out shopping. It had my university card, bus card, ID and everything you can think of in it! Getting all this replaced cost a pretty penny. It was such a frustrating thing to happen. Only plus side was I got a gorgeous new wallet out of it, haha!

Aside from those mishaps, I think your outfit is the prettiest ensemble ever!

xx Carina

Ruby Sterland said...

Sorry to hear about that! Also, how do you always manage to look so cute?! Love your ballet flats, they're adorable x


Elliementary, My Dear said...

This kind of stuff happens to every one so don't feel too bad :) And lovely outfit, your blouse is super cute.

Forwhichtheheartbeats said...

Aww I can feel your helplessness. God Bless you.
This outfit is damn cute. That blouse is lovely and so are those ballet shoes. Also this color combination is so good.

Sammi said...

Oh gosh, Lauren, I'm so sorry for all these things! What horrible timing :( On the bright side, at least you're not ALREADY in Italy or something when these things happened!! And also, THIS BLOUSE IS EVERYTHING!!! I'm obsessed with the collar, and it looks perfect with the bunny flats. Beautiful!

xox Sammi

Mamalina said...

My Gosh, Lauren, you look so beautiful! And that shirt is so adorable! I love the entire outfit! You look beyond cute!




Anonymous said...

My parents often tell me I'm scatter-brained also - I know how frustrating it can be to lose something so important and get so angry at yourself. But lots of people lose their wallets - the important thing is you seem to have handled it well, and for sure it'll make you more cautious in the future.

As for forgetting things, maybe you can start building a list on your phone so next semester you know what to bring with you.

Kezzie said...

Hello dear Lauren,
So sorry you have had a rough time of it and I really wanted to leave you a consoling comment for the past two days but my phone has been spazzing out when I have tried to leave any comments and refuses to do it on any blog adn I haven't been feeling well so haven't bothered to get m Anyway, I can understand the hidey computer out. Anyway, I can understand the enormous stress of this as I lose important things all the time- usually my USB memory sticks at school and I rage round for hours, days, months looking for them. My deputy head teacher (e.g. direct manager) calls me a 'Bloody nightmare' and tells me off. I suppose in this case, at least your parents can lend you money in the meantime and your cards will come but I DO sympathise- tis awful. On a positive note, this is a really pretty outfit- I remember seeing this blouse in your instagram post and being intrigued by its lovely pink, frothy, ice-cream sundae-type appearance. Really nice with the grey skirt and socks combo! Wish I could do socks like this- just looks silly!x

K. Martin said...

Oh Lauren, I know how it is! I frustrate myself like this all too often. The lesson I've learned? Don't beat up on yourself. This is one busy, over-complicated world and that doesn't change the fact that you are very smart, wise, sophisticated and beautiful. The minutia of life is often a real pain. But job #1 is you being good to you. :)

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