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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Time Print Mixing!

Floral Top (actually a romper): Forever21.
Polka Dot Skirt (actually a dress): Target.
White Belt: Thrifted.
Leaf Earrings: Thrifted
Black Pumps: Thrifted.

Hello, hello everyone!

So, while attempting to put an outfit together last night I can honestly say that I was completely stumped! It makes no sense to me how sometimes I can't seem to put an outfit on that I like even though I have a closet bursting with clothes. In my frustration, I randomly decided to try something that I never have before: print mixing! My personal style is not the least bit eccentric, so I've always been somewhat weary about print mixing. I'm such a matchy matchy girl at heart! But when all else fails, it's time to try something new and it was time to try a little print mixing.

Now, have mercy on me: I'm just a beginner! I thought back to tips on how to do print mixing to avoid looking like I just threw on random pieces. 1. Have a common color scheme. 2. Make sure there is a significant size difference in the prints. I used black as the common color, and had a dainty polka dot print with a more bold floral print!

Tomorrow I'm doing another bit of pattern mixing,but floral on floral! Should be interesting...

Hope you all are doing truly lovely.
With much love, Lauren.


Amber Schmidt said...

I'm always so wary at print-mixing; I always end up looking like a living quilt.

And I had one of those "nothing to wear" days today. So, so frustrating!

You look beautiful as always, though I think you could wear a paper bag and still look lovely.

April said...

I think it looks great. Good job!!

Sara said...

same! im a matchy matchy girl too! ive always wanted to try print mixing but im too scared it'll look...mismatched hehe but yours turned out great!

Unknown said...

you did great !
once you start, your wardorbe takes on a whole new life!

Marie said...

Good job! Understated and lovely,
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Mila said...

Good job! I'm not adventurous enough to try out print mixing, but it looks gorgeous on you! It doesn't look over the top, but more like effortless and pretty. I love the whole mixture!:)


jess said...

Your outfit is adorable. I love the way you mixed the prints.

Em [The Writer] said...

You did an excellent job mixing prints and I can't wait to see more! :)

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