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Monday, March 21, 2011

Trying To Heal My Heart.

Peter Pan Collar Dress: Forever21.
Light Pink Cardigan: Forever21.
Grey Knee Socks: Delia's.
Silver Locket: Thrifted.
Tan Flats: Thrifted.
Silver Clip Earrings: Thrifted.

Hello everyone!

Although I am doing slightly better with feeling down in the dumps as of late, my parents are still concerned about me. My OCD is a result of low levels of a chemical called serotin in my brain, and low levels of serotin can also be linked to things such as eating disorders and depression. My parents are concerned about me possibly being or becoming depressed, and I am actually concerned, as well. I've been just feeling hopeless and extremely sad lately and it seems as though nothing can cheer me up. I looked up some signs of teenage depression online and many of the warning signs I have. Hopefully with spring being here I will begin to perk up with the warm and sunny weather. Right now I'm really praying and counting on God to help me through this rough period I'm in. I know though that he'll give me the strength that I need <3

With much love, Lauren.



Mila said...

I love your outfit--it's so sweet and delicate!

I am SO sorry about all of your awful struggles with OCD and possibly depression...but I know you're a strong girl, it's obvious from even just reading your blog. You'll pull through this a happier, stronger, and more experienced girl, even if it hurts for a while. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! You are too amazing, beautiful, smart, sweet, and more to be down like this<3


Sara said...

cute outfit! and i hope you feel better about your ocd

JordanMayTwigs said...

I know how hard these things can be.
I've been struggling with the same feelings too.
It sucks.
But hopefully Spring will help cheer us BOTH UP!!

I love your outfit by the way!!
You look so cute.
If only you were smiling though.....
It would make these photo's that much prettier.
But I know you'll be smiling soon!!



The Semi Sweet said...

Depression is such a tricky thing. It makes us think things we don't want to think. I have boughts with depression from time to time and it's hard trying to snap back into myself. I'm sure you'll get back to your ole self soon! You look super cute in your dress, by the way. The collar is divine!

Unknown said...

you look gorgeous my love !
i have aadd,and bi-polar 'tendancies' and i understand.
Take care of yourself :)

JGO said...

You are so talented, and not just that...a beautiful person. So then, Spring time is here now, and it's all about GLAMOUR!!! Thank Goodness the Winter days are gone...

Congratulations on your Teen Vogue Blogger.
I always knew you belong there.
Blessings Always,

Brittany said...

I adore this entire look and I almost got that dress :) also love that you are a thrifty fashionista! Have a great week girl!


Annebeth said...

there is nothing I would fix about this outfit, absolutely stunning. And I hope you feel better soon... X

Love, Trixie said...

Oh girl, you pull off knee socks better than anyone else I know! I'm really liking the pale shades of this- it's so pretty and feminine, absolutely perfect for spring!

And stay strong- I hope you know that your readers really care about you and even though you're dealing with some pretty heavy stuff it's always lovely to know that you have people thinking about you :)
xx Nina

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through lemondrop's blog. I love this outfit. I also have serotin issues. A few years back I started on Cymbalta, it was ok, I felt better. In August of 2009 my husband and I got back into church with out teenage children. We have stayed strong to the church and to God. I know there are times when God works through modern medicine, but God also knows me and knows that I am not good at remembering to take a pill everyday, I have been off the meds for about 1 year know and do great. I have had some down days but I have had way more great ones. You are in my prayers.

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