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Saturday, March 5, 2011

There's A Lot Of No's Before A Yes.

Hello everyone!

So today I had an experience that I have never done before: I went on a job search! Not a little job search either. I ended up going to sixteen different places and asking if they were hiring. I also plan on checking out a few more places, too. Although the experience was very freeing to be independent and have the realization that I'm finally growing up, I have to admit it was quite frustrating. I'm only seventeen (and a half) and for almost every place I went in and asked if they were hiring, they told me that I had to be eighteen. Out of the sixteen places I looked at, only probably about five of them could give me applications to fill out. The rest of them had to politely tell me I was too young.

Too young. I hate those words. It's funny because when you are young all you want to be is older. But when you're older, well... you know how it goes. I know I should enjoy my years of being a teenager while I have them, but it just seems like I can't sometimes. I want to move on from high school and start my life. Leave all of my silly, immature peers behind and become an independent, mature young adult. The thought of having a job makes me so excited. It's funny because a year ago the last thing in the world I wanted was a job, but now everything is so different. I would kill to have a job. Amazing how much I have matured in just a year.

Hope you all are doing just lovely.
With much love, Lauren.

P.S. Some of you mentioned that my new blog font was too hard to read (which I totally agree with). I kept the same font for this post and last post, except I enlarged the print. Does it make it any easier to read? I would appreciate your feedback so very much!


Kate said...

i'm 21 this year, been looking for a job since i finished high school at 18. i feel your pain and frustration. no one is hiring, they constantly tell me i need more experience and skills. and i'm still on my learners permit, so that doesn't help either. but hang in there

April said...

Jobs are hard to come by, especially now. But good luck!

I think this font is still kind of too hard to read. :/

Jenna said...

That's awesome that you're looking for a job!! I hate it when people say you're too young to do something. I guess we just have to enjoy being teenagers while we can!!

CaptMO/ DJ ABO said...

What kind of work were you applying for? When I was a ttenager, I had no problem getting restaurant jobs. Now in my "ripe old age" ;-) I actually am having trouble getting restaurant jobs because they only want the young people to hire. Well, either way, it's good to have a job, more moneys to have and spend! The larger font IS quite a bit easier to read! :-)

OrigamiGirl said...

Hey. I graduated from uni in the Summer and havent got a proper job at the moment. Not a good time to be jobhunting.
The font is easier to read but I'm afraid I still find it harder than before especially as it is paler on a white background as well as being slanted.

Mila said...

Ugh! Getting a job sounds extremely frustrating...there are some other bloggers talking about their problems trying to get one also. I hope you find one soon--and one you like!:)


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

wow you have to be 18 to work at certain places?? that's insane. I started working at 15!!! haha. My husband too!! Usually places around here hire people at 16 and 17 though. Crazy that you're considered too young. good for you applying at all those places though. Too many people don't do such things. I remember telling people I know to apply for at least 10 places and that they will receive callbacks from at least 3 of them! Hopefully you will get a call back for that.

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