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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cherry On Top

The sweet Jessie of [jc]fashion chef gave me a lovely blog award: The Cherry On Top Award! I can't thank her enough, when anyone gives me a blog award I am always so surprised that someone would give my little ole blog an award! Thank you Jessie again!
The rules of this award are....
List three things you love about yourself.
Post a picture you love.
Three things I love about myself:
  1. I love my legs. They are my favorite body part! Why do you think I always wear skirts and dresses?! ;)
  2. I love how I can wear anything with confidence. It wasn't too long ago when I never thought this could be possible.
  3. I love my smile. I'm never, ever afraid to show off my bright, one of a kind, smile!

And the picture I choose that I love is something so inspiring to me! I love how confident and sexy the model looks in this picture. She has that beautiful pinup girl look: I'm so jealous! I'm truly in love with everything in this picture. I wish so badly I could get my hair to curl beautifully like hers. And her red lips? One word. Gorgeous. Her outfit is to die for, too. The high waisted shorts are killer!

Here are some of the wonderful ladies who I choose to give this award to! All of them are too sweet and brighten my days with their kind comments!

Jen in the Purple Pants

the other girl


style en mi opinion



Mila said...

Thank you so so so much!! I love the picture you put on-so gorgeous. You DO have a lovely smile! And legs. And outfits. Hehe, and a lovely blog!! Thanks again:)


Sofi Moukidou said...

omg! i can't believe you!!!
i don't love you any more!

i just adore you!!!!!! xaxaxaxa
really thank you so much!
i'm going to post it later!


Thank you, I really do appreciate your thoughtfulness! :)

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