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Friday, May 21, 2010

Proof I Should Actually Wear My Contacts!

Aqua 1980's Romper: Thrifted (for $1).
White Floppy Sun Hat: Thrfited.
White Basket Weave Shoes: Thrifted.
White Purse: Thrifted.
White Beaded Necklace: Mom's!

Oh, goodness... I got this new romper/jumpsuit when I stopped by a church rummage sale the other day for only a $1! It's funny though because I always think these silly 1980's clothes are dresses when I first buy them. When I get home, often I am surprised to find that the "dress" is actually romper/jumpsuit! It's happened three times to me already. I should put my contacts in and then maybe I'd be able to see what type of clothing I actually buy, lol.
Initially I was quite nervous to wear this outfit today to school. It's kind of a bold, look at me outfit, and definitely something my classmates are not used to seeing. I love this romper, but I want to get the sleeves shortened, for they are a bit too long for my taste and look unflattering. So, I was going to hold off wearing this romper until I got it altered,however, yesterday I had a little change of plans. On the announcements at school, the principal said that we could wear a hat on Friday if we paid a dollar that would go to cancer foundation. You can bet I was all over getting to wear one of my hats to school! After trying on many outfits and hats, I knew I wanted to wear this white floppy hat to school. The romper looked perfect with it, so I just had to give in to wearing it before I get it altered! It was a hit at school, and I'm so happy that my classmates support my individual sense of style. It's a lot easier to wear something when people give you kind compliments!

I have a few places to go to tomorrow to thrift at, but nothing too big or exciting. I wouldn't be surprised if I came home tomorrow with nothing! Hm... I hope my prediction is wrong!

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Sofi Moukidou said...

wow! so cute and lovely outfit!!!
i DO LOVE your style!!!

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