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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Excuse to Dress Up!

One Shoulder Red Dress: Forever21.
Red Rose Clip On Earrings: Thirfted.
Black T-Strap Heels: Target.

This is probably my favorite dress (besides my prom dress!) that I own. There is something so simple yet so beautiful about the dress that makes me feel so confident when I wear it. I was going to wear the dress for homecoming last year, but never ended up wearing it. So, on several occasions I have pulled this baby out and used it as my go-to formal dress!
Last night I went to the academic award for school, and ugh.... I sat there for about two and a half hours to get two awards. I recieved an award for Spanish II and also American History II! Now, I'm very thankful for both awards, but it got more than a tad annoying listening to every single scholarship that a senior had won for hours. I guess when I am a senior it will be important to me, so I need to just be patient and wait my turn and stop being a sour puss!
My life has felt so hectic and out of control lately... Everything around me is just spinning around and around... School has been the most overwhelming. Finals are approaching on the horizon and that = stress city. Also, my teachers have been jamming last minute lessons down my throat, and let me tell you. It has not been pleasant. Thankfully I finished my chem unknown that I have been totally freaking out about. I had a solution that could contain up to 8 different ions and I had to do a ton of tests to see what ions I had in my solution. There were 28 possible ions to mix and match, so as you can imagine with my history of being terrible at chemistry I was freaking out. It's finished,however, and I got my grade back: I only missed one ion! I put down that I had sodium when I did not, so it was only minus 10 points. Not too shabby I must say.
Tomorrow will be busy, as well. I have an awards ceremony in school, and also a music awards ceremony tomorrow evening! It has been hotter than blazes here in Ohio, so I have been royally cursing my principal for having a dress code not allowing sleeveless tops and dresses....
Hope everyone is having a lovely week! Summer is almost here: I can taste it :D

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Mila said...

Wow, you look sooo pretty!! I love your dress and outfit. I feel sorry for you with all of your schoolwork-sounds very stressful. I hope it gets better....maybe tomorrow? :)
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!


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