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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Room Raiders.

Ever since I started my blog back in November I have had the idea to do a post on my room! Bedrooms tell a lot about a person and what they are like. I remember a few years back my grandma and I used to watch this show called Room Raiders, where potential dates would raid a girl's room to try and figure out what kind of person she was. Then, the potential dates would go out and buy presents for the girl, based on what kind of impression they got from her room. Well, if I was on Room Raiders, the potential dates would definitely know that I love clothes and fashion!

So here is a little tour of my room starting from the first picture, then going down....

  • My shoe collection is like my pride and joy. Whenever I'm out thrift shopping and I find a new pair of shoes to buy, I can't wait to go home and display them with all of my others! All of my heels are on a shoe rack, and not even all of them fit on that, so some shoes are laid out in front. Also, I have my boots lined up against the wall, but I have more boots in my closet that are not as nice. You could say I have a little obsession with brown boots ;)
  • Next, I have my necklaces all hanging on a shelf on my wall. ( To Blogger Style En Mi Opinion: please excuse my sad jewelry collection, it is not half as lovely as yours!) I used to have my necklaces all tangled up in a box, and then had the idea to hang them on the shelf instead. I really like being able to see all of them, and it makes it easy to pick out jewelry when I am making outfits! Most of my boho jewelery is on the first hook, the second hook is black and silver jewelry, the third hook is pearl and gold, and the last hook is my fun and girly jewelry! On the top of the self I have my little jewelry mannequin where I hang my more delicate necklaces that I don't want to get tangled. Oh, and I proudly display my Best Dressed plaque award in the middle! And the panda figurines? Pandas are my favorite animal!
  • My purses sit right beside my shoes, and underneath the full length mirror I got for Christmas. My purse collection has never been big, but for some reason lately it has exploded! I carry the same purse to school everyday, for it has to be big enough to carry all my books( but I still have a backpack), so all of my little purses often get neglected. Hopefully in the summer I can use some of my more fun purses everyday!
  • Ahhh....My beloved hat collection. After my shoes, my hats are my prized posessions. They are kind of clustered in different places around my room, but I always try to display them nicely. Most of them are on my book self, a few on a dresser, and my floppy white hat sits on the top of my full length mirror! Also, beside my hats I have my vintage gloves!
  • My scarves hang on my full length mirror. Also, I have some of my ribbon belts hanging on it too! My regular belts just hang in my closet.
  • On the top of my book case, I have a 1970's jewelry box where I keep my clip on earrings, bracelets, and other little nicknacks. I just love collecting clip on earrings! I hope to someday have a pair in every color to match every outfit!
  • As you can see, I have a ton of headbands with bows! Headbands with bows are my favorite hair accessory, and are especially nice for when I'm having a bad hair day. Like clip on earrings, I want a bow headband in every color!
  • Now, it may sound peculiar to you, but I actually decorate the inside of my closet wall with all of the tags from new clothes I get. About 80% are tags from Forever21 clothes, and then I also have tags from Delias, Victoria Secret, Kohl's, and various other places. The two little paper dolls on the wall actually have on pictures of some of my formal dresses. The purple dress was for homecoming, and the black one was my prom dress. I plan on printing out a picture of my dress for each dance and put it on a paper doll for my closet every time!
  • Now for my closet! I have everything organized by color: white,cream,florals,pink,yellow,red,green,blue,purple,brown,grey,and black. At the end of the closet that you cannot see in the picture are my jeans ( gasp, yes I do own some jeans). At the beginning of every school year I take all my clothes out of my closet and re-organize them by color and add in the new pieces I get. Man, let me tell you it is a job that takes a few hours! Not all of my clothes fit in my closet, so in my dresser I have most of my summer clothes like shorts, tank tops, and bikinis. That drawer, however, is a huge mess and does not deserve to have a picture taken of it, ha!
  • Finally, my shoes that are not heels: i.e. sandals, flats, and tennis shoes are in a shoe organizer that hangs on the inside of my closet door. I really should get another one of these organizers because I have more than one pair of shoes in some of the slots! Not very often though do I buy flats, so I don't think my non-heels collection will be growing large any time soon.

I sure do not know what I am going to do when I go to college in two years. I don't think that my roommate is going to let me bring all of my clothes, shoes and accessories... I would probably need my half of the room, and hers! :)



Jenna said...

You're so organized!!! I love your shoe collection!!
p.s. I found your picture on chictopia!!! I love all your outfits!! The shirt that says "Recycle Fashion Wear Vintage" is awesome!!!
---- Jen

Mila said...

I love this post!! So cool, I love your shoes collection. Your necklaces are cute too:) You gave me some ideas for a new post...:)


Sofi Moukidou said...

i do love posts like that! you are so organized! and believe me your jewlery collection is really nice, especially the clip earrings collection!
i also like your flat shoes, your award, your vintage gloves and all of your clothes! so if you are going to have problem when you go to college, i'm here!!! xaxaxaxaxa!

Sofi Moukidou said...

p.s. and your bag collection is really super!!!
well done girl!

d jane said...

you're so cute. I love all your shoes! wow, I thought I had lots! your outfits are so darling!

Unknown said...

WOW! Ur wardrobe is amazing! really :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so cute! All your outfits are so fun and pretty and shtuff. I kind of want to hug you...

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