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Saturday, May 8, 2010

You're Such A Romantic.

First picture: oneshoetwo
Second picture: Cazimi
Third picture: luluetty
Fourth picture: strawberrykoi
All of these pictures belong to their rightful owners. They are NOT mine!

For some strange and unknown reason, I am obsessed with pictures taken in fields. There is something just so romantic about large fields that stretch out as far as the eye can see. These ladies on Chictopia have captured the beautiful essence of nature in these pictures. I can't wait until school lets out and I'm able to take an adventure to a big, empty field to take some picture like these(although mine won't be half as good)! I have in mind this field behind my grandparent's house; it's perfect. I want to wear a light and pretty sundress. A straw hat. And some little sandals. With messy curly hair.
Sounds perfect to me...


Mila said...

Oh, me too! Luckily for me, there are plenty of fields around me(Iowa). I really want to try taking some pictures in the fields. I love the pictures above!!:D


Sofi Moukidou said...

i dont know what to say, i just love your blog! and the first dress is so cute!!!
i do love your (romantic)style!
i would like to invite you to my blog: styleenmiopinion.blogspot.com
see you there! kisses!

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