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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Prom 2010: A Night In The City.

Wow! Where to begin!? My day yesterday was truly like a fairy tale...I couldn't have asked f0r a more magical day. I felt like a beautiful, 1940's movie star! And my date? I've never seen him so ridiclously handsome. :)

I was so giddy yesterday when I woke up. I found it hard to believe that I had been waiting since November to wear my Prom dress. When I first ordered the dress it was actually one of my first posts ever on the blog! All last week I had been reading the weather reports online and was distraught because it was supposed to thunderstorm all day. To my dismay when I woke up yesterday, the weather man had been right for once; it was already raining. However, there was good news; the rain was supposed to stop a two and not start again till six!

My grandma came down in the afternoon to paint my nails red, and she did a marvelous job! I don't really believe in going to get my nails done. It's so much cheaper to just do them at home, and they still look just as nice. It is important for me to get my hair done though, because I can't do my hair worth a darn! My appointment was at 2:30, and I was trying out a new place because for homecoming this year I wasn't happy with the way my hair had turned out. So, my mom and I got to the salon on time, and it wasn't until a half hour later they finally took me. We had an appointment, so it was ridiculous that we had to wait that long. I told the stylist exactly what I wanted; soft, glamorous, 1940's curls. I even had pictures to show. I didn't want it to look modern at all. They told me that they could do the style no problem, so I believed them. Bad idea. They put my hair in velcro rollers dry, then put me under a hair drier. When they took the rollers out, and had a big, frizzy afro. They reassured me that when they curled my hair with the iron it would look better, but the stylist kept trying to curl my hair and it was nothing like way I wanted. Nothing. I started getting really upset, and finally I told them very nicely. "I'm so sorry, I just can't let you finish. I don't think you can do what I want. I'll do my hair myself." And with that, I went out of the salon crying, because I had dreadlocks. I am not exagerating. I. had.dreadlocks. My hair looked the most horrid I have EVER seen it. It took awhile for me to calm down, but I got right to business when I got home. I set up my hot rollers and did my hair myself. It's pretty close to what I wanted, and a million times better than the rat's nest I had.

I put on my makeup and dress, and even played a record of old 1940's and 1930's music to get me in the mood. When Matt came, I was floored by how handsome he looked. Our families said we looked like we came straight out of the 1940's! Matt's mom gave me my corsage, and it was one of the most beautiful ones I'd ever seen. The pictures don't do it enough justice. Matt's boutonniere became a little problem though. The florist had forgotten to attach a pin to hook it on to Matt's tux! My dad is a handyman though, and did some quick thinking and managed to improvise!

Although it had rained all that morning, the rain had stopped so we could take pictures. I really think God heard my prayers! We went to Fox Glen, a local bike trail, to take pictures, and it was very serene and beautiful. We were the only ones, so we were free to take all the pictures we wanted without any annoyance!

After pictures, Matt and I took off on our own to go to Applebee's for dinner. It was simply lovely. I got my usual; chicken tenders with honey mustard and a baked potato. Oh, and root beer to drink, too. Matt got pepper corn steak with steamed vegetables and potatos, water to drink. He's a health addict! For desert though ,there was nothing healthy about what Matt and I split. It was called the triple chocolate meltdown. It was this deliciously moist chocolate cake with a center pool of warm melted chocolate that was also drizzled all over. A side of ice cream was the perfect contrast for the rich, warm dessert!

Well, we left Applebee's stuffed and stopped by my house quickly for my grandma to see me, then we were off to prom! The place prom was held at was actually only three minutes from my house; not very far! The theme this year was called A Night In The City, and the decorations were absolutely gorgeous. Right when we walked in, the News journal snapped every couple's picture. If you want to see pictures of my prom, here's the link:http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Avis=B7&Dato=20100502&Kategori=PHOTOGALLERIES21&Lopenr=5020802&Ref=PH
See if you can find Matt and I! We're in two pictures, lol but neither of them are very good...

At first when Matt and I got there, prom was packed! There were strict rules,however, that there was no dirty dancing allowed, or you would be kicked out. Prom wasn't even half way over when a ton of people left. At first there was probably 300 people at prom, and it went down to about 150. It's sad that people have to dirty dance just to have fun at prom. Matt and I had an absolute blast though. We actually had more fun once everyone left because we had room to dance! Some people told us we were good dancers,and we were definitely one of the most energetic couples on the dance floor! The slow dances were really nice, as well. When I slow danced with Matt, it was just so...special. I couldn't think of anyone who I wanted to have as my date or spend that special night with. He truly made it perfect. I got pretty emotional. I almost started crying! (I'm such a baby...)

They had the coolest thing at prom; a photo booth! It was free, and you could take as many pictures as you wanted. I thought the ones Matt and I took were hilarious and adorable! As the night started to wind down at twelve, Matt and I left and we were given little key chain souvenirs which was so nice of the school. We came back to my house and got changed for after prom at the bowling ally. The night was still young for us!
My school rented out the whole local bowling ally for after prom from 1-4 o'clock. The school also bought pizza, pop, and snacks for the students; all free! The bowling ally was packed when we arrived, and it wasn't until two when we actually got a ally to ourselves! While we were waiting, we ate pizza and a ton of snacks. Ugh, I felt so sick! We also played air hockey, and I hate to admit that he kicked my butt...

When I came home at 3 o'clock this morning, I felt like Cinderella. I got to go to a beautiful ball, in a gorgeous gown. I was escorted by a handsome prince, and I danced the night away with him. But when it was all over and the clock struck 12 (3 in my case) I came home, and I was ordinary. Last night was a time I will remember for the rest of my life. It was a special and an irreplaceable event. I truly couldn't have asked for anything more.


Mila said...

Oh. My. Gosh. It sounds like you had THE MOST AMAZING night EVER. You look beautiful and so cute! Exactly 1940s/50s~ your dress is simply amazing. That really stinks about your hair though, how could they do that to you? But it looks like YOU did a great job!:) So thrilled to hear about your awesome unforgettable night.



You look stunning, and so does your date!
So glad you had a wonderful time.. Nix the junk food, ha.. None knows your hair btter than you... I always trim my own hair after going to the hairdresser..LOL
Beautiful, just beautiful you and that killer dress!


No One.. better.

Sorry, Gawd awful!
I still have my prom dress, am looking for photos. I'm going to do a prom post. Thanks, great idea!

d jane said...

oh my goodness you look stunning! i LOVE the dress! the lace and ruffles! wow, you are a gorgeous girl!

Kir said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! You should wear lipstick more often. It suits you very well. Sounds like you had an amazing night! Sorry about your hair, that was lousy service! It came out phenomenal though.
You and your date look just perfect. :)

Kir said...




Ma Cherie D said...

You are so beautiful :)

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