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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Call the Ambulence; She's On a Thrfiting Attack!

I had a VERY successful weekend of thrifting; thank you thrifting Gods! (looks up to the sky and blows a kiss ;) ) I went to two church rummage sales, and one of them was actually my own church's! At my church there was an all-you-could put-in-a-big-bag-for-four-dollars sale, and trust me; I can put a lot! Also, there was a huge block sale very close to my house where I must have hit up about 20 sales. Most of them where duds, but I did have a few lucky finds... Here's a little back round information on what I got...

  1. Black Maxi Dress ($1 garage sale). Actually on Friday when I was coming home from school I stopped spur of the moment at a garage sale. I didn't think there was going to be anything I would like, but I was so surprised and ecstatic when I found this maxi dress! I have been wanting a black maxi for quite awhile, and I'm thrilled I got this one for a dollar! The fit is magnificent and it only makes me covet summer ever more, for I want to wear it without the accompaniment of any annoying t-shirts or cardigans!
  2. Spectator Flats ($2 garage sale). I got these shoes at the same garage sale as the maxi dress. I have been searching for some new spectator shoes to replace mine which are falling apart and getting pretty grody. They kind of hurt and are a little tight. Hmm..hoping they stretch out a bit.
  3. High Waisted Aqua Shorts ($4 bag). This lovely little pair of shorts are my favorite thirft find, and my new obsession! Originally when I grabbed them at the sale I figured they were okay looking, sort of dorky,and probably wouldn't fit. To my surprise and delight when I tried them on at home, they looked amazing! I am too excited to wear these granny shorts tomorrow!
  4. "Jungle" Mandarin Collar Shirt (.50 other church sale). I went through much contemplation on trying to decided whether or not to get this shirt. It drew me in when I first saw it, and I couldn't stop thinking about it when I put it back on the rack after deciding it wasn't for me. I went back to get the shirt, and even though it's kind of ugly and weird, I'm in love with it like the shorts! When I looked at all my goodies when I got home yesterday, I was so happy to see that the shirt and shorts go marvelous together! I felt like a 1940's teen wearing an adorable little play suit!
  5. Royal Blue with Gold Accent Heels ($4 bag). I got five pairs of shoes while thrifting this week, and these pair are my favorite. I love the rich, deep blue color with the gold accent. Although I don't have many clothes in blue, I'll find something to match these babies...
  6. Graffiti Aqua Heels ($4 bag). Lol, now I really don't know what I'm going to wear with these shoes... They were just too lovely to pass up. I have such a weak heart for shoes!
  7. Brown Pointy Tow Heels (.50 other church sale). Oh, what a terrific find these were! Near perfect condition, and they have the highest heel of a thrifted shoe that I have ever found. I know they will go with a lot and I'm going to get good use out of these shoes!
  8. Teal Snakeskin Heels ($4 bag). I already have an outfit layed out for these shoes to match with! Again, these were in pretty much perfect condition! Tisk, tisk... people must not throw perfectly good shoes away for teenager girls to get ridiculously cheap.
  9. Crystal Pendant Necklace ($4 bag). I'm a sucker for a long pendant necklace. I thought this one was really unique and different looking. My shoe collection may be huge, but my jewelry collection is actually quite sparse. I need to start buying more jewelery instead of shoes...( ha, yeah right!)
  10. Light Tan Messenger Bag (.50 garage sale). If you saw my summer wish list that I posted the other day, you know that I have been wanting a messenger bag! The thrift Gods sure were looking down upon me yesterday. I love this bag too much for words.
  11. Dark Brown Liz Claiborne Messenger Bag ($4 bag). Although it's a little beat up (but I like it that way!) I couldn't pass up this other messenger bag. If I had it my way, I would have a messenger bag in every color...

This weekend's total: $ 8.50!


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Mila said...

Wow, I'm VERY jealous!! I especially love the dress. I'm going to post my new Liz Claiborne bag soon too!


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