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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pandora's Box.

So lately I have been holding out all of the new jewelry I have thrifted lately! For the past few weekends when I have gone thrifting I haven't had good luck finding clothes, but I have had extraordinary luck in finding jewelry! I have been wanting to expand my jewelry collection and I have certainly gotten my wish.... Here's a little about all of my new treasures that I have recently acquired!
  1. Double Strand Pearl Necklace (two for $1). I believe it was two weeks ago that I had such an ironic but truly touching experience when I got this necklace. Let me first of say that my speech teacher is ALWAYS sick, I mean sometimes for weeks in a row. So often we have a sub in the class, and one day we had this sweet older woman who wanted to hear something interesting about everyone. My interesting fact was that I liked vintage clothes, and she was just so fascinated with me! Everyday that week she talked to me about vintage clothes, and I actually got to know her really well. Later that week in the newspaper I found a garage sale to go to that looked promising. When I pulled up into the driveway I was so surprised to see the same sweet sub! She was so incredibly nice enough to bring out her jewelry especially for me to look through and pick out what I wanted. I jumped at the chance to own the beautiful pearl necklace and she only made me pay a dollar for the pearl necklace and an additional necklace!
  2. Gold Choker Necklace (two for $1). This was the other necklace from the sweet lady. I fell in love with the sheer simple elegance of it. It looks fantastic with a simple dress and it makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn when I wear it for some reason!
  3. Blue and Gold Beaded Necklace( Free). Finally, the extrodinarily kind sub gave me this necklace. As soon as she saw me, she went into her house and brought out this necklace. She told me that it had been her mom's, and that she had been saving it to give to me!! Wow, I was just blown away by her kindness. It was probably one of the nicest things any one's ever done to give me something so old and precious...
  4. Gold and Pearl Clip On Earrings (.50) Haha, you all know about my crazy cat encounter I had whilst thrifting yesterday, but these earrings were actually what I got at that place! I'd say the earrings are worth almost getting attacked by a crazy cat ;)
  5. Pink Oval Clip On Earrings (.50) Nothing too special, but still pretty nonetheless! I bought these little earrings at a sale in an abandoned Value City along with a beige purse I still must show you all! The purse and the earrings were pretty much the best things there....
  6. Bouquet of Roses Clip On Earrings ($3). These little treasures are probably one of my favorite pairs of clip on earrings I own now! I've kept my eye on them in the local antique store for months, and finally last week bought them. I wore them with my red one shoulder dress the other day to the awards ceremony, and I must say the two went perfectly together! I already know these earrings will get a ton of use!
  7. Pink Floppy Sun Hat ($4). This was a purchase actually from yesterday. I am in love with floppy hats: I truly could never have enough! This pink on matches perfectly with some of my bikinis, and bonus! It's going to save me from getting sun burnt! Ahh... how I love double benefit clothing!

    Total: $9.00


Sofi Moukidou said...

they are all adorable! my favorite are for sure the first and the second necklace and the pink earrings!

Unknown said...

ohhh all pics are amazing!

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