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Monday, May 6, 2013

Life's Snapshots #29.

Love never fails.

A beautiful day spent with a beautiful lady.

The perfect day spent 'studying' and relaxing in the sun. Before I lost these shoes and hat :(

Taking pictures always make me feel on top of the world.

Erin was the sweetest and surprised me with this bag!

Spring beauties from Aeropostale.

God did a beautiful job creating the earth.

Kent State actually did good on food for once.

Outfit planning.

I'll miss this lady when we leave :(

Singinggggg in the rain.

Park adventures


Just some instagram snaps from the past few weeks! Lots of nature shots and pieces + parts from hanging out with friends.  I've been spending a lot of time packing today and just relaxing from a  packed weekend. It felt so good to take a nap and take it easy because I haven't been sleeping well with the stress of going back home. I'll talk about it in a later post, but for now if you'd care to peek into my more personal every day life you can follow me on instagram with @passingwhimsies!

With much love, Lauren.



Miranda said...

Love! Ugh you're making me ache for summer and college adventures!!

Nina the selfish seamstress said...

I think your lace shorts and heart socks are my favorite thing ever. Oh and those pretty blossoms!

Unknown said...

I always like seeing your Instagram pics, they are always so cute. I just love that outfit that you planned for wearing.
If you like my Instagram is @PondsForever. It would mean the world to mean me :)
x Audrey

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