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Friday, May 17, 2013

I'll Be Your Lady.

Floral 90's Dress, Pink Crossbody, Earrings: Thrifted.
Oxfords: Forever21.

I actually hate having my hair up in these dumb heidi braids. It's so unflattering for my face shape and my parents always call me Olga when I wear them (lulz). They're the only hair style I can seem to do with my unruly mess of locks though,so it's just what I fall back on. Do any of you have any easy summer hair styles for wearing it up? It got up to 86 degrees yesterday so having it off the nape of my neck is a must!

I've been writing a lot lately which is really nice. Perhaps it's because I've had time, or perhaps it's because of the beautiful weather and change of scenery. Whatever it is, I like it. I am a romanticist. I love to dream, to reminisce, to let my thoughts run wild. So writing is good for, you know, doing those sort of things. I am no where near a good writer (I have terrible grammar + my structure is always the same), but oh do I love it. I want to marry a boy who appreciates writing. The beauty and power behind words written from the imagination and heart, transferred into tangibility. Whether it be on lined paper, a chalk board, with a type writer, or even just in the sand; if it's documented it's writing. He doesn't even have to appreciate my writing. Just writing in general is fine by me.

With much love, Lauren.

P.S. I did an interview over at the lovely Nana Wintour blog! I answered a lot of fun questions like what my all time favorite post is and why I started my blog! x


Unknown said...

I think you are such a lovely writer, plus I can tell it has really developed in the past year!

Oh my goodness, this dress is just absolutely perfect! What a thrift score!


Unknown said...

Oh I think the Heidi braids look really pretty! And I think I have almost the same oxfords. I'm loving oxfords right now and ones that color match a lot of things in my closet!


marcia said...

I know what you mean about wearing your hear up during the summer. I pretty much die from heat when I don't. As for hairstyles... pintrest is my favorite. There are so many gorgeous simple summer styles. it's great. A few of my favorites are this one (she has some amazing and easy summer-ish updos), and this one, and this one, AND this one, and lastly, this one. the normal messy bun + headscarf is a favorite too!

Sammi said...

I think the Heidi braids look beautiful on you (though I did actually lol at the Olga thing) - you look like a princess! I think one of the more important things in the writing process (and I worked as a writing tutor in college for 3 years!) is having a distinct point of view and creativity and heart. Grammar and syntax can always be tweaked, but you have ideas and a voice, and I think your honesty and sweetness come through beautifully, and that deserves just as much credit!

xox Sammi

Boheme.Fille said...

Well, I do like your braids, I think they look wonderful on you! Also loving the dress!

Vicki said...

I think that these braids look lovely on you! I think they look so much cuter on you than on me, haha, despite the fact that this is one of my fallback hairstyles for hot/bad hair days.

Also, yay for writing! I think you have a definite flair for it from reading your blog posts (where your grammar is always purty near impeccable...a high compliment from this grammar nut). I've been doing a bit of writing too...or at least editing past writing, if that even counts as writing. :P I'm having fun with it, though, and I hope you're having fun with your writing too!

Decked Out in Ruffles

Unknown said...

Aw I think these braids look really cute on you! I've been wanting to braid mine like this recently, but I always get frustrated trying to braid my hair due to all the layers. Anyway, I really love how light and summery this outfit is. This dress is very cute!

Unknown said...

You're so sweet! I think you look great in the heidi braids! it's one of my favourite up dos when my hair has to go up, either that a bee hive or a big bun.

This outfit is so floaty and romantic and what a lovely setting. I think your grammar is great! mine for the matter is horrendous!! hahah


Kezzie said...

I wear my hair like this too and get mocked, though I wear mine a little tighter plaited than yours. Try plaiting your hair at the back of your head and then pinning them around the back of your head- like they're at the bottom of the hair line- I do that as well and it looks less Heidi. Also, try doing one long plait and twisting it and pinning at the back of your head in a sort of bun/chignon- that also looks more grownup. Nice dress x

Tara Honeybird said...

Try putting your hair into a bun and then a hairband. It will look great with your vintage inspired, romantic outfits!

Anonymous said...

I second (or is it third or even fourth) what others have said a messy bun would be a great idea to try. Although I have really short hair right now, growing a pixie out so I don't have the problem of trying to tie my hair up. What about just a plait or a pony tail but bringing it over your shoulder so your hair is off the nape of your neck. I hate the feeling of hair on my neck when it is warm which is partly why I have a pixie, but I know you like your hair long. :)

Midwest Muse said...

You look so pretty and perfect.

Camille said...

I like your hair in the braids and I also enjoyed reading your interview!


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