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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


High Lo Mint Dress: c/o Lulu*s.
Cream Cardigan: TJ Maxx.
Bow Belt: Forever21.
Heels: c/o Yes Walker.

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I went to Columbus to spend the day with my grandmother, just the two of us, before I start working a lot. It was such a lovely, relaxing day with her and I always cherish when we get to spend time. I am broke as all get out right now so I didn't have really any money to spend, but I (literally) scraped together some change to buy myself a new MAC lipstick I've had my eye on for months. My nude Lime Crime one completely broke and I wanted to invest in a good MAC one. I was in between Creme d' Nude and Myth and ended up going with Myth! This is my third lipstick of theirs and they always leaving me wanting more...next on my list are Ravishing and Please Me!

My grandmother took my outfit pictures today which was a real treat! She did such a good job and it was so much fun to teach her how to do it. I love my grandmother very much and am looking forward to spending all summer with her; as I always have since I was a little girl. My parents both work full time all year around so in the summer since I was in kindergarden my grandmother has watched me (and now my little sister, too). We always go on fun adventures in the local area and they are some of the best memories I hold in my heart.

Here's to summer! x

With much love, Lauren.


Elana said...

This dress, especially the color, is the stunning! I love that it's fully pleated, which is such a treat to see in a high-low dress. Also, those shoes are killer.

Unknown said...

That dress is so pretty! I really like the color and that belt with it is just perfect!

How precious that your grandmother took those pictures - that is so fun! Glad that you got to spend a wonderful day with her!

Have a great start to summer!


Charmaine said...

Aw, that's so sweet how you adore your gran :).

Et tu, tutu? said...

What a lovely dress! Mint is just so perfect.


Unknown said...

You are such a sweetheart, thank you for the kind comments on my blog :) And wow-I love this dress- you look so lovely!! And so sweet that your gma took those photos- so nice to hear how much you care for her :)


marcia said...

darling, if your dress vanishes you know exactly where it went. IT'S GORGEOUS. I love your entire outfit, and yay for new lipstick! also, your shoes are totally adorbs.

Unknown said...

I think you made a good choice with the lipstick! And I love this dress! Normally I don't go for hi-lo hems, but I like this one :)


Nerd Burger said...

Sounds like a peaceful day with your grandmother. You looked beautiful.

Sophie said...

Gorgeous lipstick you chose! I love the dip hem trend on you!

Unknown said...

Mac lipsticks are my weakness too! I have around 10? and some have slowly gone missing in numerous handbags and I find them months afterwards and go....ahhhht that's where you were! hee hee.

I am simply loving this dress, the flowyness of it, the heels. Really pretty outfit! and major props to grandma for taking some serious decent shots!


Sammi said...

This dress is so beautiful on you! And that's so sweet that your grandma took these photos! She did a great job! Pretty pretty :)

xox Sammi

Unknown said...

That dress looks really great on you! I wish I weren't so short so I could pull off a hi-lo. :)

Unknown said...

Love the pleated mint dress. I need to get a good nude lipstick, maybe I'll try Myth as well!

Unknown said...

Aw your grandma did a great job with these pictures! You look gorgeous in this mint dress too. I also always love when you wear these shoes. They're awesome!

Unknown said...

This dress is amazing!

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