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Friday, May 24, 2013

Modcloth Dress Collection {Video}.

(lolz forever bout dat thumb nail ^^)

Hello there!
I thought it would be fun to film a video of my collection of Modcloth dresses. Hope you all enjoy this and I've found making videos fun lately (even though I'm no good and mega awkward). I filmed a thrift haul video today so I'll be posting that soon ,too!

With much love, Lauren.


glittabones said...

This was a brilliant idea for a video! Your dresses are so pretty!

I've been admiring a ton of dresses on ModCloth recently. I think I might save and buy a load at once, because I imagine postage to the UK costs quite a bit.

Lauren said...

I love Modcloth! You're right though, they're so expensive. The only thing I have from Modcloth is my cherry dress, but then again, I bought that off of ebay so I don't know if it counts or not, haha. If I ever have extra money though (or if my parents ever get me a giftcard to there for Christmas, hah), I would love to spend it there.

Also you're soo cute! I love watching all your videos just to hear your voice (#creeperstatusrightthere). You're adorable.


Unknown said...

So fun to see all your dresses :) I only have a pair of boots from Modcloth--Brown Loop the Cute boots. But, this summer I will get a dress!


Charmaine said...

Your accent is so cute. It kills me.

Vicki said...

I loved this video! Modcloth is one of my favorite, favorite companies, even though I don't actually own anything from them since I'm quite the cheapskate, haha! I just like to drool over all of the lovely dresses on their site.
You have so many lovely Modcloth dresses! I especially like the second one you showed--the retro red one with the little cutout.(:

Ooh, and I'm looking forward to your thrift haul video!

Decked Out in Ruffles

Angel said...

Great idea for a video!

Anonymous said...

Love this video :) yes Modcloth are expensive but they are always so helpful you wouldn't believe one of the questions I asked them about clothing and styling and they where so helpful.Oh and Unicorn Bricks (doubt you will re-read the comments mind)yes the postage to the UK is extortion plus you have to pay just for the Royal Mail or UPS to handle it plus customs on top! For the Royal Mail to handle it is is £8 plus customs and UPS is way more!

The Dragonfruit said...

This is such a great idea for a video Lauren! You are just so adorable on camera. Just watching makes me feel like you'd be a girl I'd love to hang out with (oh if only, I'd happily accompany you to The Great Gatsby).
I haven't gotten anything from Modcloth (yet), but I plan on splurging once I'm more financially stable. You've gotten such adorable dresses from them!

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