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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vintage Store Update + Thrift Haul Video!

Float Among the Clouds Lace 90's Dress. 

Victorian Romance Blouse. 

Candy Striper Blouse.  

Elegance 1970's Dress. 

Cranberry Tart 1970's Dress. 

Brownie Sundae Purse. 

French Vanilla Purse. 

No Fuss 'Bout It Purse. 
No Fuss 'Bout It Purse

Hello everyone!
I went to the most incredible church rummage sale last Friday and picked up the haul of my life. Vintage heaven! I made a video above of everything I got (and a surprise item at the end I show that you'll never guess!). I just kept a few of the items, but most of them are going up in my store. Check them out if you'd fancy and all of the other items that are still in the shop!

Hope you all are doing great  ♥ 

With much love, Lauren.


Ruby Sterland said...

The pictures look great, you have some great stuff! I'll be sure to watch the video later :-) You have a poster for The Notebook, one of my favourite movies (and books)! It was in my "May Favourites", actually x


marcia said...

THAT GLOBE. OHMYGOSH. I've always dreamed of having a globe, and it's on a stand too! eek... and all the other finds are perfect too! and I am so going to steal the bags. :D

Alexandra Marie said...

That globe is Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Wow, and $20 bucks- what a great deal!


Sammi said...

What a great haul! I love the pink blouse best, I think. And the brooch!!! I would love to get my hands on that :) The globe is an awesome find, too. You have the best thrifting luck I've ever seen! Also, you look stunning in this video. Seriously, the camera loves you.

xox Sammi

Anonymous said...

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Hannah | The Outfit Repeater said...

You are so natural on camera! I felt like I was with a friend chatting about thrifting.

I'm so happy that you got your globe! I had a dream item that I wanted to find which was a mannequin. (it was right around the time I discovered the movie with the same name) I went to a garage sale run by a couple older ladies and they had an adjustable dress form on the curb and I asked if it was for sale. They hemmed and hawed and weren't sure what to do. Then the one looked at me and said "She looks so creative, let her buy it!". It was more than I would ever pay for something, around $30. But it was SO worth it! She (the dress form) has pretty much changed my life. She was worth every penny and I don't regret it for a minute! Sometimes it's ok to break our own cheap rules. hehe

Kellie said...

That globe is the stuff dreams are made of! I was so excited that you're as excited about as I would be... it looks like it found the perfect home:)

I loved this video for your natural, beautiful personality shining through. Such a joy to watch. More vlogs! :D
Accordion to Kellie

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness - you really did hit the jackpot. I really love that red dress - so pretty!


Mary said...

GAH! I adore that red dress, but unfortunately thanks to my, uh... Ample bust (hah!) I'm more of a 12/14 than a 10/12. Seriously though, if you ever find cute/quirky/vintage work-appropriate dressed in more like a 12/14, I'm putting in an advanced order! I would love to support your awesome thrift finds and build an eclectic work wardrobe :):)

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