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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Change Can Be Good!

Hello there! Today was actually a really great day..Now that my mid-terms are over I have no worries. ( ha this won't last for long!) For weeks I've had a thirty dollar gift certificate from Christmas to Target burning a hole in my pocket, and today I finally had the chance to spend it! Target is such a wonderful store..you can walk in not looking for anything in particular and come out with ten things!

While I was there, the first thingI saw when I were bathing suits! Bathing Suits in January!? Jeez..seems a little soon. I found this adorable flower bikini in the picture above though while I was looking. The bright colors, ruffles, and strap that goes around the neck made it so cute and quirky!It has matching bottoms, but everything was too busy; a solid color on bottom will look much better; therefore, I decided not to get it. I have a black suit bottom, and also a purple suit bottom that will match wonderfully!

Along with my suit top, not pictured is a dress that I got with the remaining money! Tomorrow hopefully I can put up pictures of me in it,for it does not look the same just laying on the kitchen table lol. The dress is a really nifty piece..it is sleeveless,silky, and is reversible! On one side is a black and white polka dot print, then on the other side it a lovely floral. I really do like it a lot..the whole car ride home I put together outfits in my head with it!

Finally, the first picture above has to be of one of the best deals I have perhaps ever got... At Target,they had different colored berets on sale for only $3!! That's a steal! Usually they're selling for fifteen dollars a piece and my mom and I got four for less than that! Berets are perfect to wear when having a bad hair day,but still wanting to look cute. Now, I can have one to match just about every outfit :)

This evening I went out to Applebee's with my boyfriend's family for his birthday, which is not until Wednesday. Dinner was delicious, and I actually was adventurous tonight and got something different for a change! Instead of my usually chicken tenders and fries, I ordered the grilled Caesar chicken salad; it was delicious! Perhaps change can be good?

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