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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Reversible Dress Part 1.

Pink Flower Dress: Target.
Black Cardigan: Forever21.
Black Tights: JcPenny's.
Black Heels: Target.
Pink Beret: Target.

Sorry for the extremely bad quality photos! It was raining cats and dogs out all day, eliminating my option to take pictures outside, haha. Along with the new dress I got, I am also wearing my new beret! I had to get a little creative when taking pictures inside; I didn't want them to be too boring..

This morning after church my family and my boyfriend, Matt, went out to Denny's to celebrate Matt's birthday! I got chocolate chip pancakes, and let me tell you..they were delicious :)

For his birthday present, I got Matt tickets for him and I to see Sinbad, who is coming in April to our town's theater! He had mentioned quite a few times that he was wanting to go, so I thought "Why not?!" The tickets were a hit of course, making him and I very happy :)

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