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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where It All Started,

Black Lace Dress: Thrifted.
Pink Silk Belt: China.
Pink Bow Headband: Forever21.
Pink Shell Purse: Thrifted.
Black T-Strap Heels: Target.

This outfit was actually not what I wore today,but I have been meaning to take pictures of it! The lace dress that I'm wearing is the first piece of clothing that I ever thrifted; it's what got me hooked! About two years back I went to my church's rummage sale and came across this treasure. I hadn't been looking for anything special, everything at the rummage sale was just junk, right? That's what I thought until I stumbled upon this dress hidden among some ugly, out of date prom dresses. I snatched the dress up before anyone else could and dashed away to try it on,keeping my fingers crossed that it would fit. It did in fact, like a glove that was made especially for me! That day was something I would remember forever, my first thrift!
Halloween two years ago was a blast;I ended up wearing the dress and being from the 1940's.( Although the dress is probably only from the 80's or 90's.) My boyfriend, the same one I have now, dressed up with me in a suit and fedora; we were a hit at school! Ever since I found the dress it has been my favorite thrift find. It makes me feels so invincible when I wear it. It's quite intriguing how a simple garment can have that much effect on self esteem!


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