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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Leopard Everywhere..

Leopard Scarf: (Christmas) Target.
Leopard Pointy Flats: (Christmas) Target.
Jeans: (Christmas) Kohl's.
Black Cardigan: Forever21.
Brown T-Shirt: Kohl's.
Ay yeay yeay! I've been so busy this week I've had hardly anytime to dedicate to my blog! Going back to school has been a nightmare...homework,tests, and quizzes oh my! To top all of that off, it's been very very cold here and snowy; making it almost impossible to take any pictures outside( hence the poor photos above). There is too much snow everywhere( and we keep getting more!), and not to mention the fact of it's been in the low teens every day. Oh how I love winter in Ohio..

The outfit I'm wearing was almost all stuff I got for Christmas; which I'm still trying day by day to wear everything I got. I was hoping that some of the snow would clear off soon so I could wear the leopard flats; however, it didn't look like it would be clearing anytime soon so I wore them anyway! This is the first time I wore jeans this week..I had a big math quiz today that meant I should be some-what comfy and warm! Tomorrow though it's back to skirts and dresses; oh, how I'm going to freeze. I should be able to get a picture of my outfit tomorrow since it will be Friday!

Oh, and I still have not gotten to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's that I got at the Library! I had my mom renew it so I can hopefully watch it this weekend..
Crossing my fingers for a snow day or delay tomorrow!

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