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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Know That It All Takes My Breath Away.

Lavender Ruffle Blouse: Forever21.
Skinny Jeans: Kohl's.
Turquoise Cardigan: Old Navy.
Silk Patterned Ballet Flats: Old Navy.
Charm Necklace: American Eagle.
Happy Birthday to my boyfriend, Matt! Today he turns 17 :)
I actually really like the color combination that I wore today of lavender and turquoise. It's something unexpected that doesn't particularly match, but looks pretty and sweet together. I remember quite awhile ago in Seventeen magazine about how mixing the two colors was a new "trend." After putting the outfit together, I thought about that article!Well, What do you know, I'm on trend.. Ha, now it's probably out of style knowing my luck.
That reminds me of a memory..In the sixth grade everyone was wearing leggings with denim miniskirts; it was the thing. I wanted so badly to own a pair of leggings to be cool...Oh, it makes me laugh so much now that it turned out as soon as I got them they went out of style. Figures, always my bad luck. That's why my philosophy now is to not be trendy, but to stay true to my own style. It works out much much better!

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