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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Avatar :)

White Dress: Kohl's.
Red Cardigan: Gabriel Brother's.
Flower Scarf: ( Christmas, gift from my boyfriend!) Target.
Brown Belt: Kohl's.
Brown Pointy Heels: Thrifted.

Tonight my boyfriend and I went on another date like last weekend( I swear, it really doesn't happen that often!);however, the places and movies were switched up a bit! This time, we went to eat at Logan's with Matt's family... it was a real treat! I got a steak like last week( oh how adventorous I am) that came with delicious baked potato! For desert, Matt and I split a HUMONGOUS and delicious warm brownie with ice cream! Let me tell you, they almost had to roll me out of the restaurant..

The whole reason for actually coming out again was because we wanted to see the movie that last week we did not get to see, Avatar. Let me tell you...it was absolutely positively PHENOMENAL!!!! One of the best movies I have ever seen hands down... To be truthful I was not too excited to see it in the beginning since it was an action/sci-fi movie but none of that mattered.

The movie was in 3D and we got these cool new 3D glasses that came out for the movie. They're no longer those paper ones with one blue eye and one red eye...now they look like RayBan sunglasses! Hard to believe right?! The graphics in the movie were with out a doubt breath takingly beautiful.. you just wanted to stare at the scenes with you mouth hanging open( which I probably did). Everything about the movie was interesting at some point, and was visually extremely appealing.

The real magic of the movie though,was its ability to take you from your ordinary life to a place you can only dream of for a few hours. It helped you escape whatever hardships are going on in your life at the moment and put yourself in an beautiful imaginary place. I wanted so bad to live in the movie's setting; a planet called Pandora! The movie made me feel like I almost was there for three hours, and when it ended I didn't want to leave...lol. It is truly amazing how a movie can make you feel like that. My boyfriend and I also couldn't get over how much we both wanted to be the main characters, him the boy and myself the girl. The way they were was just so cool..you couldn't help to want to be them I can't express enough, if you haven't seen this movie; go now! I give it 10 out 0f 10 stars!


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