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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh, How You Taunt Me Spring Dresses..

Floral:Forever21. Lilac Eyelet: Delia's.

Nothing sounds better to me now than a girly, floaty spring dress! It's so simple to create beautiful outfits with them.. just throw on some sandals,sunglasses,a head band, and go! I'm growing tired already of blah winter outfits..always having to put layer upon layers on! Not to mention, it's extremely inconvenient to have bare legs in freezing cold weather;which is the case for me most days lol. I think the dresses above are just gorgeous, and exemplify perfect spring/summer dresses. The floral one looks like it would be so much fun to pair some heeled wedges with and a strand of pearls. I can imagine myself going to an exclusive garden party and sipping tea(my pinky up of course!) in my wide-brimmed hat, while eating tiny finger sandwiches. Ha! In my dreams! I can picture wearing the lilac eyelet dress to a beautiful, sunny day in the park, where I would have a picnic with my boyfriend. We would lay out one of those red and white checkered blankets, and have homemade sandwiches, chips, sweet tea to drink, and cookies for desert!

Ah, a girl can always dream lovely thoughts can't she?

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