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Friday, June 4, 2010


Brown and cream Striped Dress with Belt: Kohl's.
Brown Knee Socks: Stolen from mom!
Brown and Rose printed Scarf: Target.
Rose Bouquet Earrings: Thrifted.
Sky High Brown Wedges: Target.
( I wore this outfit yesterday to school! I did not get pictures of today's last day of school outfit, for I looked dreadfully messy and unkempt at the end of today!)
Well, I am happy to say officially.... SCHOOL'S OUT FOR THE SUMMER! (and I'm sorry to say it's not out forever quite yet like the song says, haha.) I am completely and utterly done with my sophomore year of high school! I always used to scoff at people who said that the high school years go by so fast, but it's actually very true! I can't believe that I am half way done with my high school career! It has been a school year of many ups, and many downs. Many successes, and many failures. Here's just a little overview of my sophomore year...
  • I made it through Chemistry thank goodness without actually hurting myself badly! ( besides a few minor burns...) I thought I would never make it out of Chemistry alive, let alone end up getting a 90% on my unknown solution! I am so proud of myself!
  • I made it through 65 advanced English projects. Jeez. I don't believe that I have EVER typed so much as I did this year. It seemed like every week I had some sort of project or paper due in English!
  • I got my license!
  • I managed to make many new good acquaintances this year. I am cautious to say friends because it takes a long time to become good friends with someone. I do think that I went outside my comfort zone this year and really put forth the effort to be not as shy, which paid off.
  • I have finally completed gym! Since kindergarten I have gone through the horrors of school gym classes, and this year was my last year to take gym. Hooray for no more sweaty gym clothes!
  • I went to prom as an underclassman! At my school, a person must be a junior or a senior to go to prom, however, my boyfriend is a junior so he took me to prom. Prom was everything I always wanted it to be. A gorgeous dress. Perfect date. Delicious dinner. And a fun dance!
  • I wore my highest heels ever the school year: about 4 and a half inches. This is a true feat to be able to walk the halls of school all day in stilettos without falling on my face!
  • I survived Enriched Algebra II, probably the hardest course I've ever taken ( even harder than Chemistry!) It was definitely always a fight to get good grade in that class. Ah, sweet memories of staying up late at night, and waking up early in the morning to study impossible story problems and pain-in-the butt logarithms comes to my mind....
  • I started to play my instrument again. I have played the trumpet since the fifth grade, however, my freshman year of high school I did not play. This year though, I took up trumpet again and I realized how much I do enjoy playing! Haha, I am certainly not the best player ( 6th chair out of 9!), but all that matters is that I enjoy playing.
  • I made it through speech class without having a nervous break down or crying in front of my classmates. I even filmed a commercial on camera! Never thought that I would see the day.
  • I started wearing vintage clothes and go thrift shopping more. I think more than any other school year, that in my sophomore year I have found out so much about myself. Looking back, I am not the same person I was at the beginning of the school year. I have changed for the better and found out what my personal style is more And the best part? The journey isn't stopping! I keep finding out about who I am everyday!
  • I did manage to maintain a 4.0 GPA and above all year!
  • I received an award for Spanish II and also American History II! If I could have picked any subjects to get awards in, it would have definitely been those two.
  • I took chances and risks with my style and what I wore to school, and didn't get in trouble with the dress code once. ( I can't say the same for my freshman year...) Today for the last day of school I wore red lipstick! This is such a daring feat for a shy person such as myself!
  • I was alcohol and drug free all year. Although this is not a hard task for me, for many teenagers it proves to be, lol.
  • I think one of my biggest accomplishments is starting this blog. I always wanted to start a blog, but couldn't gather up the courage or the ambition to do it. My English teacher, however, told me one day last fall that I should start a blog. He told me that I had something truly special that I needed to document. He really inspired me to start this blog, and gave me the push that I needed! I am so grateful , too... Without this blog I don't know what I would do some days. It is not only a place for my fashion inspiration, but like a diary for my feelings and life. I have all of you wonderful readers and supporters to thank so much for always giving me positive comments and advice. I'm serious, the thing I am most proud of in my sophomore year is not about good grades or making friends, but it is about starting this blog because I truly love it. Finding something you truly love and are passionate about is something so priceless, it is by far the biggest accomplishment a person can have.


Beth said...

By the time you read this you will be done with your last final I believe. Congrads on your all accomplishments.
I just jumped into your blog on this post and I am so glad I did- what a sweet "voice" you have.

Unknown said...

I am glad you started blogging, too! I started only last fall and it was a bit of a challenge. Especially at 45! I needed something creative and just for me.blogging fills that roll! If u come to Cinti, look me up! UC is in the top 10 most expensive colleges, but has radical science depts.,art dept and is a teaching hospital. I'd love for u to follow me :) I am almost at 60, my goal by my birthday :) I am really alot younger than the usual fortysomethings! I hope I never grow up and will shop at F21 always. I love vintage and thrifting the best. Hope to see u again real soon! I've made some terrific friends through blogging!


Your blog posts are sincere, I think that's what compelled me to follow.
Not to mention your style is classy retro!
Thanks for blogging, it's fun to watch you grow and change! ;0

Mandy said...

Such a cute oufit! I have those shoes as well, and I LOVE how tall they make me!

Andrea Eames said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful year! :) And I can't remember if I've said this already (weekend brain!) but thank you so much for your lovely comment - it meant a lot.

A xx

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