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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Was 16 In The Summer of 51'....

Oh, aren't these photos of vintage teenagers just so perfect?! I wish I could have been a teenager during the 1950's. Ice cream shops, adventures, jukeboxes, joy rides in cars, country fairs... Now being a teenager during the summer in 2010 unfortunately means disobeying parents, sneaking out, drinking, and partying. Kids these days! ;)
I actually had a fantastic day with Matt today and it truly felt like one of the first days of summer for me. Last week it was so rainy and yucky, but today the sun peaked out nicely and gave me a real feel for summer. Matt and I ate steak(!) , baked potatoes, green beans, and fresh bread for dinner tonight at his house: it was delicious! Then we took a little walk around his house and just chatted about life in general. I always love just talking to him because he understands me and how I work, unlike a lot of people. After out walk, Matt and I watched the movie Shutter Island and I must say it was fantastic! I highly recommend you all watch it, but I won't say anymore than that ... :)
It was a quiet and uneventful day, but it was very peaceful and I enjoyed it. I'm so very, very relieved and thankful to my grandparents who lent me their camera! Hooray for being able to take outfit posts again!! I just can't thank them enough for lending me the camera, and thank you so much Aunt Stacey and Matt for offering to lend me yours! My family is so fantastic!
P.S. On Friday I went thrifting with my grandma all day and I do have a few new treasures to show you all! Take care everyone, and I can't wait to start outfit posts again!


Sofi Moukidou said...

nice pics! so retro!!!
i would also like to live at 50's!
ooo i'm also very happy that you have a new camera, so we can see your new outfits!
have a nice week!

Sara said...

OH I love all the pics! I sometimes wish that I was a teen back then too. But don't worry, but the time we are old grandparents, all the kiddies will think our youth was a great adventure too :)

Britney @ Scout and Company said...

Hahahaha you might wonder why I'm all the way back in twentyten?? Just hoppin around!! But yeah!! I always wish I was a kid in the 1950s that would be ah-mazing

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