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Monday, June 28, 2010

After Every Storm There's Always A Rainbow...

Khaki Roll Up High waisted Shorts: Thrifted.
Black and Lace Shirt: Forever21.
Black Silk Box Headband: Kohl's.
Black Patent Heels: Thrifted.
Pearl Necklace: Kohl's.

Yesterday evening there was a huge thunderstorm, so severe that it even knocked our power out for a few seconds! After the storm was finished though, there was a beautiful rainbow. I don't think I've ever seen a rainbow that big either! It seemed to stretch across the whole sky...

Today I got the scores back for my ACT that I took a few weeks ago and I'm not going to lie: I was disappointed. It was just my first time taking it, and it I didn't do bad neccisarily. A score of 23, but I was still hoping to do better. I guess I've always just been too much of a perfectionist and expect too much out of myself. For goodness sakes, I didn't do any prep work or anything! I just went in there with a pencil and my mind and winged it. Still, it's not like the ACT can be brushed off as just another school test that doesn't really matter. This depends on whether I get into a good college, and the higher the score, the higher my scholarships. (hyperventilates) I think I just need to chill out though (continues blowing into a brown paper bag...) It's the middle of summer. School isn't until the end of August. Relax Lauren!

On a lighter note, I went to my favorite thirft store with my grandmother the other day a picked up a few goodies. Imagine that ;) I got the wonderful shorts and little black shoes in the above pictures! Now, you all know that I'm a dress girl ,but I do really like these shorts. I like how they fit high on my waist, and I also like the cuffs at the hem of the shorts. It adds a little interest. Shorts allow me to show off my legs, too. My favorite body part! I'm always weary to wear a really short dress or skirt because I feel sort of scandalous... with shorts, however, I feel slightly more covered up and get to show off my best asset. The little black heels are something I've actually been needing for awhile. All of my black shoes are super tall heels that just about kill me to walk around in, so I was in dire need of some smaller black heels. These are perfect. Also, when I was thrifting I picked up a new pair of clip on earrings! ( I really should get my ears pierced...) This pair is unlike any other pair I have. Not gold, not silver, not pearl but...diamond! Fake of course, but that doesn't mean they aren't pretty. The earrings are very delicate and look great with pretty much anything. Can't wait to show you all.
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves. Oh, and thanks so much for the comments about your passions! I really loved reading them :D


Beth said...

I love these shorts. I just jumped abourd the whole high waisted shorts myself and it's a fun look. You look fantastic in it. The shirt is so cute too.
Don't sweat it about the ACT. Scholarships usually look at all areas as a composite. If your score is not as high as youd like I am sure, as a perfectionist, the other areas will outshine it. Plus if you retake it know knowing what to expect your grade will go up.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I admire your style so much! I also love the lighting in your pictures!
By the way, don't worry about your ACT.. Its only your FIRST time taking it, right? A 23 is great by itself! So don't worry what people say about their scores, just concentrate on your own and realize you did great for your first time!

Sofi Moukidou said...

one more time i like your outfit! hahahaha!
i don't believe that the last pic is real! is just amazing!
oh! about your ACT, please don't worry! it's your first time!

The Mad Twins said...

I love your hair ^^ ours if flat (our how do you say it XD) and I do not like that =( ^^ but whatever XD I have it so I can't help it :P

btw, I love the blouse/shirt ^^

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