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Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Imperfections That Make Things Special.

Black Maxi Dress: Thrifted.
Black Wide Belt: Kohl's.
Gold Chain Necklace: Thrifted.
Assorted Gold Bracelets: Mom's.
Gold Chain Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.
Gold and Tan Gladiators: Forever21.
I'm so awfully sorry for my absence! My internet was not working on Saturday and Sunday,so today the a cable man came and checked it out. That man is truly my savior because he got the internet working again. Hooray! I didn't realize how attached I am to this blog before my internet went down... It seems like all I could think about over the weekend was blogging and I was just about dying not being able to post!
Well, on Saturday I would have posted about the graduation I attended for a lovely friend of mine. She transferred from her school her senior year to my school, and I can't imagine how hard that would be! She was always so sweet to me, and I was so completely flattered when she asked me to her graduation party. When I was out thrifting a few weeks ago, I came across this beautiful cameo necklace that I knew I had to get for her. It was made for her! I knew she would love it because she appreciates vintage things like me. Vintage items are by no means perfect, however, it's the imperfections that make them special. Also, at the same place that day I picked up a little vintage card so that I could write some congratulatory words in it. I think the design is just so pretty! So on Saturday I attended her graduation party and it was really nice to see her before she leaves for college. I just couldn't wait and had her open my gift. The look on her face was exactly what I hoped for. She loved it! :D
The outfit pictures above are actually not what I wore to her graduation party, but to a different one I went to yesterday with Matt. I wear this dress all the time, but it's funny because I haven't ever taken blog pictures in it! This dress is for sure my go-to easy summer dress! I got it at a garage sale for only $1! You just can't beat thrifting ladies and gentlemen.

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Nice dress. I love how you pulled the dress together with the belt and necklace.

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