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Friday, June 18, 2010

If You'll Be My Humphrey Bogart, I'll Be Your Lauren Bacall.

Vintage Photos:
Silk Floral 1950's Dress: Vintage store.
White Wrist Gloves: Thrifted.
Large Double Strand Pearl Necklace: Thrifted.
Satin Peep Toe Purple Heels: Target.
Matt's suspenders and hat were thrifted by me!

Modern Photos:
Strapless Reversible Polka Dot Dress: Target.
Black Patent Belt: Kohl's.
Black Peep Toe Bow Heels: Deb's.
Large Double Strand Pearl Necklace: Thrifted.
White Quilted Chanel Purse: Thrifted.

Well everyone, here is the little surprise post that I have been saving since Monday! Drum roll please... Today was Matt and I's three year anniversary!! I have been dreaming for such a long time of doing a little vintage inspired photo shoot with Matt for the special day. I was hesitant to ask him to do the shoot because I know he's doesn't really like to have pictures taken, but I was SO happy and grateful when he agreed willingly to do the shoot for me!
I had everything perfectly planned out in my head of what we would wear, were we would take the pictures at, and how we could pose. Originally we were going to do the photos last Sunday, but it was rainy so we ended up taking them Monday instead. It was so, so hot that day! Matt was about dying in his pants and long sleeve shirt in the relentless heat. I have to admit, Matt did a lot better with modeling in the pictures than I thought he would! I am so very pleased with how they turned out, I truly couldn't be happier. My relationship with Matt always reminds me of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart's relationship for some reason. Probably because I adore Lauren Bacall, she has my name, and I bet you didn't know... Humphrey and Lauren were actually married at Malabar Farm in Ohio, which is about 20 minutes from where I live! I've been to the place, but it's been many years. I'm hoping this summer to go and visit sometime!
Anyways, today is the actual anniversary of the day Matt and I officially started dating. It seems like such a long time ago, when in reality it actually wasn't. Maybe it's because we have both become two totally different, mature people. Who really knows! Our first date ever was at the local mini golf place called Kelly's. I had never been on a date before so I took my best friend. Traci,for support. Coincidentally, Matt brought his best friend Dustin! The date was so awkward as you could imagine it would be.... Well, I'll never forget that awkward first date though, and every year Matt and I relive that day and go play putt-putt at the same place for our anniversary! For the past three years Matt has won putt-putt, but today I finally won! Whoo! It was really fun to do something different since usually Matt and I just laze around the house and watch movies and such. After golf, we ordered ice cream at Kelly's. We both got flurries: him, a peanut butter cup, and me a fudge brownie one! Oh, and before putt-putt and ice cream we actually went to Applebee's for dinner, which is our absolute favorite spot! I got my usual: chicken tenders with honey mustard, but I got garlic potatoes that were DELICIOUS! Matt tried some new Asian shrimp dish which he loved. Glad he likes that kind of stuff because seafood and Asian don't mix well with me. (Oh by the way, the pictures of me in the polka dot dress and Matt in the blue collar shirt is are our outfits from today!)
It really was just a lovely day. It's funny because we used to go all out for anniversaries, birthdays, and things, but now everything is more laid back. You know what? I'm perfectly fine with all that. I'm happy with a simple, nice evening. I don't need gifts and big elaborate plans to know that my boyfriend loves me. Everyone tells me that I'm too young to be staying with the same person so long, but I don't care what they think. I haven't met a person yet that understands me like Matt. We get along so well (most of the time!). He knows everything about me, I know everything about him. We're not only boyfriend and girlfriend, but best friends. I don't know what I would ever do without him. He helps me through so much. When I'm upset about school, when I feel like a hopeless friendless loser, when my OCD starts running out of control, he's always there. Yes, we fight a lot, but all of the fights are worth it. I wouldn't want anyone else to spend my teenage years with right now!
Happy Anniversary Matt! I hope everyone's lives are filled with just as much love and loving people as mine :)


The Semi Sweet said...

You two are cute as buttons! What a fun anniversary idea. Enjoy the happiness:)

Viva La Fashion said...

aww...these photos are amazing. so classy and fun. :)

Sofi Moukidou said...

omg! SUPER fotos! you two look gorgeous!
LOVE your oufits, especially the vintage!
lucky you!
happy anniversary!!!

Mandy said...

Such a cute photo shoot (and couple:).

Sybil said...

aawwww these are so sweet and romantic!!!! im in love with the photos, the outfits and the theme!!! aaahh!! you two are so so so adorable together! :D

Animated Confessions

Sofi Moukidou said...

me again! i want to thank you so much for your comments! it really makes my day!
actually i didn't shop anything from the bazaar because i shop all the time from this store, and i had just done my shopping, so.. no money, no huney! hahaha! but i'm thinking to buy the sunglasses that i'm wearing in a foto. did you like them?
p.s. the next post will be about this shopping!
oh! i'm also preparing a bazaar!!! kisses!

Carys said...

I'm so glad I found your beautiful blog through chictopia, I have a new favourite, you're so stylish!!
From Carys of La Ville Iconnue

Maria said...

i just stumbled upon your blog today and I really like it. You have a really cute sense of style and good eye for what looks good on you. I'm not sure how old you are, but you seem so well grounded! Congrats on your anniversary, 3 years is a long time!

Mcclinezkwu said...

You two are cute as buttons! What a fun anniversary idea. Enjoy the happiness:)

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