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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kingwood Center.

Denim Top (actually a dress): Forever21.
Blue Tribal Pattern Skirt: Forever21.
Blue and Gold Suede Heels: Thrifted.
Gold Cameo Necklace: Thrifted.
Beige Messenger Purse: Thrifted.
In my loser of a town, there is one beautiful area that all of the tourists and even residents of my town go to visit and it's called Kingwood Center. In 1953, when a man named Charles King died he left his 47 acre estate for the public to tour and visit. Kingwood is absolutely beautiful. It has a lake with ducks and swans, fountains, thousands of flowers, the mansion where Mr. King lived, gardens, walking trails, and greenhouses. If you ever come to Ohio, you MUST visit Kingwood, for it is certainly a sight to see. Ever since I was little I have been going to Kingwood with my grandma, and even at sixteen I still love to go. People come and take wedding pictures, senior pictures, and everyone in town comes to take formal prom/homecoming pictures at Kingwood.
Today my grandma, sister, and I went and I just knew I had to take some blog pictures to show you all! I was so angry and disappointed though. We were about half way through Kingwood, when my camera stopped working so I couldn't take anymore pictures. I didn't even get to capture some of the most beautiful parts of Kingwood, for I was saving the best for last. I seriously felt like crying because I didn't get to take pictures of the gorgeous rose garden, the gazebo, the front yard of the mansion with the fountains, and the peacock who was walking around. UGH! I most definitely plan on going back though and taking pictures of all of the beauty that Kingwood offers. I just can't exaggerate how how stunning this place is. It's a blogger's dream to take outfit pictures there.
Here's the address to Kingwood's website. It tells all about its history and shows pictures of the estate! http://www.kingwoodcenter.org/


Mon Cheri said...

great photos <3

I love your outfit..your bag ans shoes are perfect


Jenna said...

Awesome pictures!!! I love love LOVE the skirt with the shirt (dress). I think this is one of your best outfits yet!!! The necklace fits so perfectly with it all!!
--- Jen

Sofi Moukidou said...

p.s. what cute girl!

NaomiDee said...

i love your skirt..the print is wonderful and the bag is adorable. great blog :)


Mandy said...

Such an adorable outfit :)

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