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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dreamin' BIG!

Vintage shoe closet
Eva Longoria-Parker's closet.

                                                                Paula Abdul's closet

Blogger Sea of Shoes' shoe closet

Paris Hilton's closet

Kimora Lee Simmons' shoe closet

Christina Aguilera's shoe closet

Just some of Maria Menounos' shoe closet

Rachel Zoe's shoe collection

Jessica Alba's closet and shoe collection

Mariah Carey's shoe closet

Remember a while back when I did the post on how I organize my clothes, shoes, and accessories? All I have to say is WOW to some of these celebrties' phenomenal closests! It's hard to believe that a person could own so many pairs of expensive, beautiful shoes. I bet each pair has only been worn a few times! Poor things. I always thought I had a pretty large shoe collection, but I see mine is very miniscule compared to some of these!

I'm extremely extremely sad currently. The camera I take blog pictures with is completely and utterly flat out broken. I cannot take any outfit pictures as of now and perhaps not for a long time. It's been really hard. I don't like not being able to take pictures of my outfits to document and show to all of you. I was so excited because summer is here and I am off of school, so that should mean I could go to all sorts of new and exciting places to take photos. I guess I was wrong. There is no way the camera can be fixed my dad thinks, and we won't be getting a new camera any time soon. My last hope is that I might be able to use my grandparent's camera for the time being. Oh, I sure hope with all my heart I will be able to use it...

So, unfortunately for the next few days ( hopefully no longer!) I will just be posting about inspiration, wishlists, and random thoughts. My wish is that you all won't be too awfully bored! I have to admit doing outfit posts are my favorite, so I feel like a deadbeat blogger right now.

Hope you all had a good day! It's been raining like crazy here in Ohio, yet it did clear off the whole time I worked today at the pool from 4-8. Imagine that! ;) Oh, and I took my ACT this morning! It went fairly well, but I don't believe I can hardly wait two weeks to see my results! Nighty night everyone.


Marie said...

I love seeing those fabulous closets... so inspirational and jealousy inspiring. I want to go into my closet right this minute and start to organize.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Sofi Moukidou said...

omg! i love these closets! you don't have to be jealous, your's is also fabulus, althought i understand you, accessorize are never enough!!! xaxaxa!
ooo i'm also sorry for your camera!
p.s. while i was looking your blog, i saw my blog's name, is this stylish award for me?????

yoli said...

wow! love them...

Jenna said...

When I saw the picture of Rachel Zoe's closet, my jaw literally dropped!! All those shoes are practically FLOODING that room!!!
That stinks about your camera :( but your inspiration, wishlists, and random posts are fun to read!!! I especially liked this one. Have you ever seen Ashely Tisdale's closet? It was in some magazine. I was blown away by her shoe room!!!
---- Jen

Jenna said...

Oh yeah, I was just looking at your wishlist posts, I HAVE THAT WISPY FLOWER PRINT DRESS!!!! The forever 21 one. Yay this means I'm stylish!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Give your Aunt Stacey a call if you need a camera - we have 2!

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