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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Turquoise Flutter Sleeve Top: Forever21.
Green, Turquoise, and Blue Patterned Shorts: Old Navy.
Mint Green Ballet Flats: Forever21.
Long Crystal Necklace: Thrifted.
Tan Aviator Sunglasses: Gabriel Brother's.
Tan Messenger Bag: Thrifted.
Silver Clip On Earrings: Thrifted.

I've been feeling much more creative with my outfits lately since there is no dress code that I have to abide by. I have to admit I feel brainwashed though because I feel skanky if something doesn't touch my knees or if I wear shorts that are more than three inches above the knee. I swear, that's what schools are trying to do these days. Brainwash teenagers into dressing more conservatively.
Actually in this outfit there are a few pieces that haven't been featured on the blog before: the shorts, flats, and the sunglasses! Remember a while back when I made the plan to try and show every piece of clothing I own on this blog? Well, I'm still trying but it is proving to be difficult. It's not that I don't like some of the stuff I have, it's just it might be uncomfortable or hard to match with my other clothes.
Ugh, my shoes are the prime example of uncomfortable. A person might think that flats are always comfy and easy, but not these. I have no idea why I bought these flats from Forever21 two years ago... They won't stay on my feet worth a darn! For some strange reason I bought a size six in them, when I'm at least always a size seven. They hardly go with anything either, but I decided to try them out with this outfit. When I've worn these flats in the past, I remember getting on my bus and them falling off as I climb up the stairs, or falling off my feet in the middle of a busy hallway. Good thing I didn't go anywhere today.
I've actually had these aviator sunglasses for two years, as well. In the eighth grade I bought them dirt cheap from Gabriel Brother's and was obsessed with wearing them. I remember I took them on my trip to Washington D.C. with my class and wore them about everyday. I was super mad because all of the girls went and bought aviators that looked exactly like mine at some street vendor. That's probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Other people stealing your personal style/look. Drives me absolutely crazy!
Oh, I even painted my nails to match my outfit today! I love how much time I have in the summer to do silly, pointless things like that. I say pointless because I am a swimmer and have practice everyday at 8:30 (yuck). Just about as soon as I enter the pool half of my nail polish is chipped. That's pretty much the reason why I never pain my nails! Oh, speaking of swimming I have my first swim meet of the summer tomorrow! Yeesh, I'm sort of nervous because I haven't competed in a year, for I didn't swim for my high school last winter. I'm sure it will all be fine though, I need to just try my hardest and have fun!
Hope everyone is having a lovely start to their summer. Enjoy the warm weather and relaxation time!
P.S. Here's a layout of my busy week.
My mom's birthday is tomorrow along with my swim meet.
On Thursday we are going out to eat at Applebee's for her birthday!
Friday my sister is going to be gone with one grandma, so my other grandma and I get to go thrifting!
Saturday I have to take the ACT in the morning for the first time :( Also, I lifeguard at the pool from 4-8 ( hooray for more shopping money!)
Sunday perhaps I get a rest?!


Sofi Moukidou said...

you look gorgeous! looooove your bag and your flats!

Sara said...

I love the colors of your outfit! You look perfect for summer, and hooray for more shopping money! :)

Mila said...

Love your outfit!! Haha, I'm a swimmer too, my practice is at 7:00 in the morning!:p


Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

You're so adorable! I love the colours in this outfit, so summery and cool (especially the shorts, even if you feel "skanky" lol) Great blog!

Beth said...

Love the shirt- and I really love that you painted your nails to match- so cute

Mandy said...

Your outfit is so pretty and summery :) I love your bag! I hear you about the flats. I have a few pairs, that while cute, are not comfortable AT ALL, and I need to throw away. Throwing away cute items isn't very easy though....


Love this outfit.. Skanky? Wow! I don't think so..

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