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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flower Power!

Hot Pink Cut Out Maxi Dress: Thrifted.
Floral Purse: Thrifted.
Brown Belt: Kohl's.
Tall Brown Wedges: Target.
Gold Chain Necklace: Thrifted.
Gold Chain Earrings: Thrifted.

Hello everyone! Today was beautiful, warm, and just an overall lovely day! The first day of the garage sale went well. My sister and I made over a hundred dollars! After the garage sale today, however, was when the real fun started for me. I went on a little thrifting hunt, hehe :D

First,I went to a church rummage sale( my favorite!), and they had SUPER good deals. All of their clothes were originally $1, but they marked them down to .50 soon after I arrived. I found the most darling little plaid coat that will be perfect in the fall. Paying .50 cents for the coat made me feel like a total robber! Also, I got the two purses, white and floral, in the above picture. Both purses were for a dollar and were great finds, as well! Gosh, I'm so in love with the floral purse...It goes with so much and it fits my style to a T! Oh, and the white one? Well, I'm not sure but it might be a real Chanel purse. It could possibly be a knock off, but it had on the inside the Chanel label. Is anyone an expert on knockoffs? Is there anyway to definitely tell a real from a fake? I'm just curious to find out, so if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated!

Next, I went to a huge block sale in a near by neighborhood, and it would be my luck that I would go to probably about 10 and not find something until the last one! I sure am glad I went to that one garage sale though because I got the GORGEOUS hot pink maxi dress! I was so excited when I found it! The lady (whom my mother knows so I trust) said it's about 20 or so years old and she bought it in Florida when she was fifteen. She also said that she actually paid quite a bit of money for it when she bought it, and I only bought it off of her for a dollar! I liked the dress so much that when I got home I put an outfit together with it and went off to take blog pictures! I was in luck because the floral purse went beautifully with the dress.

Oh, and I can't forget about the scarf either! When I went thrifting with my grandmother last Friday I picked the baby up for .25! Whoo! It goes nicely with a lot of things, and I've already put together a few outfits to pair it with ;)

Thrifting total: $3.75!
It was a such a successful day! I'm so pleased with my garage sale and also the thrifting finds. Hope everyone is having lovely, relaxing fun filled summer days!
P.S. I have a VERY special post saved for tomorrow! I truly can't wait! :D


J E S S I E ˇ said...

love your dress the color is beautiful!!!
and your floral purse is so cute
i follow you :D
hope you pass by my blog

Mandy said...

That dress is so cheery and summery; I love it! It's so funny you posted about the Chanel bag you found because a few months ago I found a black one for $4 in a thrift store. Of course I grabbed it up, but I was always curious if it was "real" or not. I mean I think it is, but I'm not an expert. Hopefully both of them are :)

Sofi Moukidou said...

omg! i don't believe it!
i adore your bags, your scraf and your shoes!
after this post, i feel so idiot that i still shop, but believe me, unfortunately in greece there are not places for thrifting! snif!
p.s. hope your bag is a real chanel!

Sybil said...

wow!!!! great deals!!! you're great! :D

that dress makes you glow like a fabulous chic woman!!! the color and design is just so so beautiful!!! i love the purse too!! wow!

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Anna Corinne said...

thats flower purse is adorable!

fashionjunkie said...

Well done on your bargains! That dress is incredible, the colour is perfection on you!


Marie said...

Church thrifting sales are the BEST- I donate more to my church than anywhere else and I think other people do too. Love that pink on you, wish it looked that good on me!

Katerina Kazia said...

Lovely dress, lovely bag and shoes! good job girl! You look amazing! I wish there were thrifting sales here too.. :(

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