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Monday, June 28, 2010

I Guess It Happens To Everyone...

I'll be the first to admit that I am a highly emotional person. Sometimes I get worked up, upset, or overact to some situations. Just right now I feel so terribly low because I got a mean comment last night on this blog. Whether or not the person was trying purposely to be mean (which they said they were not) it still deeply hurt me.

An anonymous user commented on one of my posts that it is annoying how I post "10 million pictures of the same outfits." I just... don't know what to say. I never thought that a mean comment would happen on my blog, but I guess it happens to everyone?

I am such a baby for crying but I feel so...wounded. This blog is a way for me to outwardly express my feelings and my inspiration. All my life I have had people telling me how to do every step of my life and this blog is the one thing that I have all for myself. However I want to do it. For someone to say a mean comment about what I'm doing just makes me angry but sad at the same time.

I do not take and post all of the pictures of myself because I am highly narcissistic or I love to boast about myself. I am so inspired by all that is around me and by the clothes that I wear. I've recently realized how passionate about this blog, vintage fashion ,and photography I am. Being so passionate I tend to get a little carried away with the picture taking because I'm just so darn excited about what I'm doing. I get an amazing high off of all of this. It's what I truly love. I wake up in the morning thinking about it, and I go to bed dreaming about the next thing I will do.

I will not apologize for the way I run this blog. It is mine and I will do whatever I want and please to do with it. I would like to say to the person who wrote the comment if they are reading now that if you do not like how I run my blog, then please leave. My blog is a positive place where I can express and be myself freely, something that is hard to do in real life. If you don't like the way this blog is, don't read or look at it. Thank you so very much.


The Mad Twins said...

hey girl, I think your right! you have to do it for yourself Ö And I think you have a wonderful blog with amazing outfits and photo's ^^ so don't stop with it ^^
I just love it soo much!
keep it up, we will support you :D


Sofi Moukidou said...

omg! that person is such an idiot, jealus and bad taste!
fortunately i have never take comment like that!
hope that it won't despair you and make you feel bad. you don't have to apologise for anything, it's yours and you can do whatever you want, and believe me: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!
oh! i'm so angry!

Mandy said...

Unfortunately, with a public blog anyone can say anything since it's the internet, and your posts are open to the public. 406 Olivia just posted about this same thing where someone made an inappropriate and derogatory comment on her blog. I haven't received a harsh comment yet, but I'm sure it will happen at some point.

Despite the positive, amazing comments we get from fellow bloggers, that one negative comment is enough to ruin our day. Focus on the awesome feedback you get from everyone as well as the fact you are an intelligent, thoughtful, pretty, and very stylish girl. You have amazing style, and you have found your passion in blogging. That person who made that comment isn't as lucky as you, and they know it. They also would never have the balls to say something like that to your face in real life, and people like that are referred to as internet trolls. Delete the comment, and know you're much better than that <3

Mila said...

Oh, I'm so sorry!! That person apparently doesn't understand expressing yourself, or making something your own. Don't worry what people think-I recently got a comment from an anonymous who said they thought that my style was very boring-I deleted it, but I'm glad that somebody in blogging world is brave enough to address it. This is your place to express yourself, and it should be entirely your style. So keep it up!:) <3


Maria said...

wow, i'm so sorry to hear someone would say something negative. I mean if you don't like something just keep it to yourself. Why take the time to post a comment? Whatever, just shrug it off. There are always going to be people out there who want to bring you down. To know what you know at such a young age is amazing. Imagine how awesome you'll be in your 20's if you're already rocking at 16!

Beth said...

That stinks. Keep your head up. I know what you mean though. I have gone on to "Ratemyprofessor.com" and read some hum dingers of comments. It is odd that people would post something that is so mean. that is why they do it anonymously. Your going to mean a lot of people that are just not that nice- keep your head up and avoid them in real life- as for the blogophere, just ignore them.

Anonymous said...

I read the comment, and though it was "constructive criticism" I'm sure it really hurt. On behalf of Anonymous, I apologize. No one deserves mean-ness, and though I'm sure they didn't mean to really hurt you, they should've thought before clicking "Post". I hope you're ok!!!

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