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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm A Jackie Kennedy, Minnie Mouse, Hippie!

Hooray for summer thrifting adventures! I had the best luck the other day thrifting! Here's a little about my new finds...
  • Blue Sleeveless 1960's "Jackie Kennedy" Dress ($3). Ugh, I'm so obsessed over this little sheath dress: it's my favorite of the three items! It actually looks to be handmade because it has no tag, and I can tell by the stitching and different details that it was handmade. I really think the dress looks like something from the 1960's, don't you? I call it my Jackie Kennedy dress because it reminds me of something she would wear! All I need is my big sunglasses and beehive hairdo and I'm all ready to imitate her. So excited to wear this dress. :D
  • Polka dot Suspender "Minnie Mouse" Shorts: ($2). Ah, this little piece mixes together some of my favorite things: polka dots, suspenders, and shorts that look like a skirt! When I happened upon the little polka dot suspender shorts I nearly gasped out loud. Well, actually I did gasp! I have been searching for ages and ages for a skirt with suspenders, and it's highly ironic that after I give up hope of finding a suspender skirt that I do find one! It really fits like a dream, too and makes me feel somewhat like a Minnie Mouse. I plan on definitely wear a red bow headband in my hair with it!
  • Printed Butterfly Sleeve Empire Waist "Hippie" Dress ($2). Wow, I couldn't believe that I found this gorgeous dress either. The picture doesn't do the dress justice because the fit of the dress is what makes it so beautiful. It hangs so perfectly on my body like most dresses don't. The plunging V neckline is good for small busted girls like myself, and the empire waist and butterfly sleeves make the shape of the dress extremely interesting. When I originally purchased the dress I thought it was actually a real dress from the 1970's; however, when I got home I did some research and I don't think it's actually from the 1970's. The brand on the tag says " an original Milly of New York." I typed that into my computer, and a modern day designer came up who has actually shown at Bryant Park and everything! I clicked on some of her past collections and she has designed a lot of hippie/bohemian inspired clothes. I truly believe that this dress was made by her. And you want to know something crazy? Her dresses go for hundreds of dollars! Jeez, I only bought it for $2! What a steal.

Thrifting Total: $ 7.00!

I hope you all are enjoying the benefit of summer thrifting like I am! This has got to be my absolute favorite part of summer hands down! Going shopping whenever I want? Fantastic. :)



Mandy said...

Omg such amazing thrifted finds! I swear I can never manage to find decent dresses thrifting. I'm actually heading to Goodwill tomorrow specifically on the hunt for some dresses; I hope some of your good thrifting karma is with me:)

Sofi Moukidou said...

omg! such amazing thrifted finds! so economical!
i want too!!!
my favorites are for sure the first and the second dress which with you can make fantastic outfits!
i really don't know what to say! i'm just so jealus! hahahahahah!

Sara said...

I love all three of them, you really have some great finds there! :)


Love, all your finds! Especially the Milly dress, the sleeves are to die for. Not eveyrone knows what they have, and some don't care..
Good eye.
The Jackie O dress looks like it's a fitted bodice head turner too!
I'm a sucker for polka dots.

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