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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'll Get The Hair Flip Down...Eventually.

Blue Sheath Handmade 1960's Dress: Thrifted.
White Wrist Gloves: Thrifted.
White Patent Purse: Thrifted.
Plastic White Bangles: Thrifted.
Basket Weave White Shoes: Thrifted.

Hey there! How is everyone doing? I actually had a really fantastic day, well when I wasn't life guarding I did! I took blog pictures early this morning before going into work, and then after work I went to Matt's house for the evening. I had a blast because we went on a little mini adventure! He lives sort of in the country and there is this huge field behind him, but there's a barb wire fence separating Matt's house from the field. He knew I really wanted to explore ,so we snuck under the fence and got to explore! Since it was evening the sunset was absolutely gorgeous and I would have loved to take blog pictures... It was breathtaking. Also, there is this cool forest across the street from his house that we plan to explore in the daytime: when mosquitoes won't quite eat us alive! ;)

Okay... Now this shoot was actually extremely difficult for me to style and pose for! Yes, I do know things about 1960's fashion, but I'm not quite as familiar with it as the 1940's and 1950's. The hair and makeup were so hard to do! I knew I wanted to do one of those 60's hairstyles where the ends curls up, but I wasn't sure quite how to do it. I ended up putting the ends of my hair in hot rollers and then taking out the rollers and brushing my hair upward. I must have messed around with my hair for at least half an hour trying to get it to look right. I'm sure I used up about half a of my hair spray just on this one style! In the end, I just sort of gave up. I don't know how people in the 1960's got their hair so even and curled up in the end! I guess I just need to practice A LOT more on my 1960's hairstyles....
Also, the makeup was sort of difficult too. I looked up 1960's makeup on the computer and most the women had these big, doe eyes with shiny bee-stung lips. I must have put three or four coats of mascara on my eyes( top and bottom lashes), and then I did sort of a cat eye with eyeliner to get a more wide eye affect. I then just put on some lip gloss and I was set!

Posing proved to be difficult, for it wasn't the natural look like the 1970's, or the sophisticated, classy look of the the 1940's. The 1960's in my opinion were sort of quirky and fun when it came to fashion and modeling (think twiggy!), so that's what I tried to imitate!

It was super fun to try something different today though! I just can't get enough lately of trying out different clothing eras! It's good for me to expand my horizon. What's next? 1920's? 1980's? Those are about the only two I haven't really done yet. Forget the 1990's. I was born then and I hate how grungy everything looks...
Oh, and this was my 200th post! Hooray! I just love this blog so very much. It's such a comfort for me to know that in my life one thing will be consistent and pleasant that I can look forward to everyday. I am so thankful I started this blog back in November! Without it I'm not sure what I would do...


Sofi Moukidou said...

omg! love your outfit!
especially the dress and the bag! you look gorgeous!

inge luciana said...

cute white gloves.. I really love it!
And the view is amazing.. great post!

Anonymous said...

yes! 1980s!

Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

you look absolutely beautiful! That dress is gorgeous, great thrift find!

Also, thank you so much for the award, you're such a sweetheart! Have a lovely weekend! xx

Anna Corinne said...

That dress is awesome!!! Great styling, with the bag, gloves, and hair&makeup. Your outfit posts are always so cute! Thanks for checking out my blog, will you maybe follow? thanks,-Anna:)


Ohmy, I didn't realize that dress had pockets!!! KEEPER!

MyBaillywick said...

Adorable, and the gloves are a great touch.
As for the bouffant hairstyle, lots of teasing and hairspray. Be prepared to spend more time getting the tangles out than making them. lol I used frozen oj cans with both ends removed to make my flip turn out right. Rough to sleep on tho. haha. ...hmm where's my graduation pic...?

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