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Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthday Boy.

Red Chiffon Dress: Forever21.
Lace Top: Thrifted.
Black Stilettos: Burlington Coat Factory.

Hello everyone!
Today was Matt's 19th birthday...I can't believe how old he's getting! When him and I first started dating I was only fourteen and he was only fifteen...Amazing how time flies. To celebrate his birthday we didn't do anything too extravagant because Matt himself isn't really an extravagant guy. Just good pizza, delicious cake, and some much needed one on one talking at his house this evening. With school being so hectic lately, I've hardly had time to talk or see him lately, so it definitely did help cheer me up a bit to see him.

Speaking of Matt's birthday, I have to tell you all a funny story about when I went to buy Matt's present! He wanted me to get him lottery cards (he's totally obsessed), so I went to the local gas station today to purchase some. When I went to check out, the cashier asked me if I wasn't even old enough to buy them! Goodness, I didn't think I looked that young...I've definitely come to the conclusion that it's the bangs :)

Hope you all are doing well!
With much love, Lauren.


The Semi Sweet said...

That's sweet:) You look so pretty in this red dress and blouse.

Unknown said...

Yay happy birthday to Matt! I understand the people thinking you're extra young thing. I get carded at the movie theatre for R-rated movies and I'm 21. I'm always thinking, yeah I'm probably about 5 years older than you.
Also, that dress is so pretty with the cool black lace top. Red and black is definitely one of my favorite combinations.

Sara said...

Such a cute dress! haha with me its the opposite, people usually think i am older than i really am but i think its because of how i dress. Most teenagers around here where i live usually wear shorts and t-shirts. While i'm in skirts,dresses, heels, blazers etc. haha


Unknown said...

Bangs do make a lot of people look younger. I loved having bangs but I just don't anymore because I look really really young!! I just got tired of hearing "aren't you too young??" :) I love your bangs though, your hairstyle is beautiful!! Asnis your outfit, I love the layered dress with the top under. So adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! You look so pretty! Happy Birthday to Matt! You guys are awesome together! I know I have no right to ask, but can I ask you something really really personal? :S What is your opinion about sex? I mean, that sounded weird, but I know some girls who wouldn't have sex before marriage and I know other girls who already have had sex. Just this, you can ignore the question and delete the comment and I apologise if I made you feel offended, ok? You're a pretty girl, and you have the best blog <3 Kisses!

Unknown said...

Having a fringe definitely makes people look younger. I think it makes me seem younger too :)


Rachel said...

Happy bday to Matt!! Have fun celebrating :) When I met my hub. I was only 16, time does fly!!! :D

Sarah Bahbah said...

you are divine!



Kezzie said...

Pretty! Red suits you lots!
That's funny about the age thing! I remember being in the supermarket (the mart) at the seaside, buying a bottle of wine for my dad aged 24 and the cashier asked me for ID (you have to be 18 to buy it) - I almost hugged her!

katie said...

You look like Snow White!

I'm sorry, that was the firstthing to pop into my mind when I was looking at your photos, these are really stunning. I love the backdrop and your red dress looks so dramatic against it! Very lovely. (You have a good eye for photos.)

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Wish Matt a happy birthday from me! My boyfriend is quite the same when it comes to celebrating his B-day. All he wants is his grandma's homemade chrrie cake, his sofa, me and a new playstation game, haha. x

Zane said...

love this femme fatale look

Midwest Muse said...

I love this red dress! So sultry! Happy Birthday to Matt!

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