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Friday, January 20, 2012

New Bangs, New Bow.

Hello Everyone!
I've had quite a few busy, eventful days this week. Yesterday I got my blunt bangs re-cut again and am so relieved to have them back! I just don't feel like myself when I have to push them to the side. I also received my new Modcloth dress in the mail that I ordered in the Cabin Fever Sale! I'm actually wearing it in these photos, but plan to take outfit photos in it soon. I was pleasantly surprised to receive this adorable little hair bow in the package, as well! It's the perfect cream color and will be something I'll be donning in my mess-of-a-hair quite often!

Today ended my mid-term week; thank goodness! I did fairly well on all of my tests except the dreaded AP calculus. Gulp, got that one back and it was nooottt good. :( Anyways, today also signifies the half way mark of my senior year! Goodness, goodness, goodness I am in utter shock that my senior year is half way over. It excites and scares me at the same time!

Ohhh, what else? Hmm, tonight me, Matt, and my family went out to eat to celebrate Matt's 19th birthday! His birthday isn't actually today, but next Friday but we decided to celebrate it a bit early. Ohio has been living up to its January potential, as well, and dumping a half a foot of snow on us tonight. It makes me mad though that it didn't come during the school week! These goes a missed opportunity for a snow day...

I am terribly sorry though that I have been lax on posting outfit photos this week (I really do feel terrible). With mid-terms and an awful cold front that came in today (it was -3 without the wind chill when I left for school!), outfit photos have taken a back seat in my life. I am so scared to take my DSLR out into the frigid air and get moisture in it in these extreme temperatures. Do any of you know any helpful hints I could do to protect it? Anything you could offer me would be extremely appreciated!

Gahh, anyways I've rambled on for far too long tonight... I must get to bed because I am actually going on a second college visit to a place I have a big interest in. I've narrowed down my choice to two schools, so it's getting down to the nitty gritty!

With much love, Lauren.


Maria said...

You look gorgeous with your bangs re-cut! You remind me so much of Jess Celebre from The Tragic Sense. Your hair is so similar :) Glad to hear the majority of your mid-terms went well and that more outfit pictures will be coming soon (I always look forward to them, hehe).
xo Maria

JanandJill.com said...

I hope you have a great weekend and don't worry about posting, everyone gets busy :) I LOVE your haircut and your bangs. it's so cute, you look like a model


JGO said...

Oh my word Lauren...you look gorgeous, as always. You can wear any hair style and make it look really good. You are just naturally beautiful. I enjoy coming over here and visiting your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration.


Anonymous said...

You're hair looks absolutely lovely and I adore the added touch of the hair bow! <3

Natasha Atkerson said...

I just cut my bangs this morning, I thought I'd cut them too short, but I'm liking it. Yours are really cute! I know what you mean about when they get too long! I always think..maybe I should grow them out...and then I remember I haven't trimmed them in too long! My hair grows super fast, as in I need to cut them about once a week! I look forward to another outfit post!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

Unknown said...

Cute bangs! You know, I had my hair like that for practically my whole life, but then I decided to undertake a *little* change to a side fringe.
Anyway, the bow goes so well, tres chic!

xx Carina

Unknown said...

I'm sure your camera would be okey :) -3 degrees Celsius is nothing compared to what my camera faces every time I shoot pictures :) -20 would get me worried. However, I keep it in my handbag until I'm ready to take the photos, and if it's really cold or humid I don't put the lid back on before I've gotten back inside and the moisture has disappeared.

Love the new bangs and that cute bow! xxx

Unknown said...

What a darling little bow!

Kezzie said...

I already like what I see of the dress! Well done with the midterms!! Oh and you inspired me to use my braid headband in a different way! I did a hairstyle inspired by yours!

claire said...

your bangs look so good and your bow is soo cute! and I've never thought about how taking a dslr out into the cold/snow could damage it.. I hope it doesn't.. haha

Is It Secret, Is It Safe said...

i love your new fringe! your hair always looks super cute. :)

Zane said...

you look adorable here

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