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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Floral Crown.

Hello everyone!
For quite some time I've been pining after the beautiful, feminine, whimsical, and romantic floral crowns that I've seen popping up all over the blogsphere and Tumblr. A floral crown is the perfect accessory to romanticize any outfit, and since I'm low on money I figured why not make one myself? Making a floral crown is ever so simple and even those of us (i.e. myself) with minimal DIY capabilities can craft one. All you need are artificial flowers of any kind, malleable wire, and pliers.

❤ Wrap wire into a circle to fit your head, and have three or four loops so that the crown is sturdy.
❤ Cut a stem off of the artificial flowers and wrap a small piece of wire around the end of it.
❤ Take the unwrapped end of the wire and then attach it to the crown by twisting.
❤ Go around in a circle attaching the stems in a pattern you wish and find suitable to your tastes.
❤ Voila! You have yourself a beautiful floral crown for atop your pretty head.

Tomorrow I have an extra special outfit post to show you all featuring this floral crown! I took the photos this afternoon and I am so satisfied with the result. I can hardly wait to post them tomorrow!
With much love, Lauren.


Maria said...

This is so simple and beautiful Lauren! I can't wait to see your outfit post, it's going to look gorgeous on your pretty head :)

xo Maria

Bramblewood Fashion said...

Oh, your floral crown turned out wonderful, Lauren!! I can't wait to see your outfit post tomorrow. :)

~Ashley xx

Nirmala D Mohan said...

Always love the floral crowns..
This looks so pretty.. Flower color is nice.. Waiting for next post:)

Unknown said...

This is so pretty, I'd love to make my own one of these..thanks!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

Kezzie said...

Hey good idea! I bought some artificial daisies about 8 years ago for the same purpose and never got around to it- then of course, I bought some ready made ones and then my mum bought me one!

Unknown said...

Great Idea, would definitely try it! thanks for sharing!

Zane said...

it looks so cute

Unknown said...

So beautiful! I have to try this sometime!! :)

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