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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Perfectly Plum.

Plum Lace Dress, Black Blazer: Forever21.
Cream Circle Scarf: Target.
Black Boots, Black Purse, Pearl Earrings: Thrifted.
Patterned Tights: JcPenny's.

Hello everyone!
Today was the perfect day filled with thrifting,photography, and Starbucks. Since I was already downtown, I figured that a little change of scenery from the molding tree for outfit pictures would be nice! I found an abandoned alley (which isn't too hard to find in my town), and started snapping away. It was frighteningly windy today so please excuse my mess of a hair in these photos! Gosh, how embarrassing it looks...

To be completely honest though I just didn't feel comfortable taking outfit pictures in an urban area though. Not because I was afraid I was going to get mugged (because trust me,  I was), but more so because these photos feel too harsh to me. I feel most comfortable in a beautiful, and natural nature scene rather than a harsh and cold looking city street. I just tend to lean towards more feminine and softer ideals of everything in life from my personal style, speaking, acting, and photography standpoint. Although it was nice to have a little change of scenery for my background, I am in fact looking forward to going back to my molding tree! (I never thought I would see that day).

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend, and thank you for the sweet notes on my last post! You all make my heart melt
With much love, Lauren. 

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Natasha said...

Beautiful! Looks great

Shady Del Knight said...

I love these, Lauren! Sometimes it's good to mix it up and go to an urban setting, providing you have someone along for security. These bricks make a wonderful backdrop for your outfit. My favorite shots are #1, #5, #6, #7 and #10. The best picture of all, in my opinion, is #7 (touching the brick).

Emily said...

Oh goodness, this is adorable! You look amazing next to the brick wall, its so much different than the tree! I like either way, but I completely understand about how you feel about taking pictures in public places. Whenever I go Downtown and take pictures people always give me strange looks that I can't always comprehend.... <3

Elyse (Give Me Bows) said...

Just beautiful Lauren, I love the blazer + dress combo and that plum colour is gorgeous! I really like the brick background too :) x

Sara said...

Your outfit is just the cutest! i love the new background! it something new and fresh!


Kezzie said...

That's so funny- my first thought upon seeing the first photo, before reading the text was like, "Where's the tree? I miss the tree!!!" I much prefer the rural shots but these are still nice. And hello, the hair? It's perfect as usua! Have you not seen any of my photos in my blog! My hair is in a permanent state of 'dragged through hedge backwards!'

claire said...

can I please just steal your wardrobe? just kidding (kind of..) but I really love this outfit

Anonymous said...

Love this look so much!
Thank you for telling about my giveaway(:

-Abbigayle Rashae

Jana K said...

Oh this is gorgeous! The colors go so well together, and you look amazing in the coat. Also, your hair looks cute :)

I like the background! I think it compliments this outfit, but I understand you wanting to go back to the woods. I like both!

Anonymous said...

And this is the part where I steal that dress.
*snatches dress*
*runs away cackling*
Has anyone ever told you how absolutely stunning a lady you are? Because it's true. Also, what did you get at Starbucks? I could really use a latte right now. :)

Natasha Atkerson said...

I like both the tree and the brick background. I don't take photos in town simply because It's sooo awkward to take photos with people staring at you!
Claire: Yes...we should collabarate a wardrobe robbery, hows tomorrow sound?! *GRIN* I'm just joking! But your clothes are seriously fantastic!

And yes, I drew the art for my header.
A Modest Fashion Blog:


You're such a pretty girl! Love the infinity scarf, aren't they great?.. :-)

Cool stuff on here so I'm adding you to my google follow..let's talk soon!

Hugs from NYC


Unknown said...

The scarf and blazer look so nice with your pretty purple dress. I'm really loving the pattern on your tights too. Also, I don't think your hair looks bad here at all!

The Semi Sweet said...

Loving this outfit on you! I think you look very nice with the setting but I know what you mean. Anyways, your day sounded lovely!! Starbucks and thrifting? Perfect combo.

Bramblewood Fashion said...

Your hair does not look bad at all, Lauren! Now, my hair looks perfectly horrid when I take outfit pictures and it is windy. :p You look beautiful.

I love the outfit. Your ring is awesome!

The urban background isn't that bad, though the tree is more you, Lauren dear.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Marisa Noelle said...

Ooh I love the different textures in your outfit...so perfectly paired together. Prettiness from head to toe! I know how you feel...I can so not pull off that whole I'm tough kind of urban thing and prefer natural scenery as well...but seriously, your photos here are so so lovely!!

Mila said...

I love the mix of different textures and colors in your outfit, and the color of your dress is so absolutely gorgeous. I think nature suits your personal style better, like you said, but I love the change of scenery as well. Your day sounds lovely! We have finals next week, so none of that for me right now!


Unknown said...

love the circle scarf and dress!


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow. Something about these pics make you look even more stunning than usual. Not sure if its the color combinations, lighting, etc.

Ms. Falcon said...

such a great lace dress. you paired it perfectly with those tights. love!

Zane said...

wonderful dress and you styled it perfectly

Unknown said...

I love your blazer! I think it looks so nice like that with the dress... I get bored just wearing cardigans with dresses all the time, I'll have to try to find a blazer like that! :)

S Bee said...

Wow... Lovely colors!!! You look really pretty :)

Michelle Elizabeth said...

Oh I remember that dress! I wanted it so bad but never found it again. It's perfect on you though.

Miranda said...

Beautiful! I love the patterns and the infinity scarf.
Congrats on the Goodwill Show! That's so amazing...you definately deserve it! :)

Elanor said...

i actually prefer urban settings! though i think it depends on the outfit i'm wearing and what looks the best. :) but that's just me!

i love this color on you - you're so beautiful, lady! that dress is so pretty.

Sophie said...

You look really gorgeous in that photo :)! And about your messy hair, personnaly i love it, it gives a very feminime touch!

Sophie, a faithful french reader :)

Rachel said...

wow love the photos, love the dress ans really love those tights too! Also your hair looks lovely, if thats windswept you should see mine, looks like i've been dragged through a hedge backwards on a daily basis lol :D

Midwest Muse said...

You look beautiful in purple and I think the setting is perfect. I think you just need to find a right spot and it will work.

Wild Flower said...

Oh! I wore this dress today :) I'm loving how you styled it with the white too, you always look so stunning Lauren! I think the background scenery looks awesome with this outfit, it's a nice mix up. And the wind swept hair is sexy!


Smith said...

such a great lace dress. you paired it perfectly with those tights. love!

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