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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Red Rosette Dress: Forever21.
Rose Earrings, T-Strap Heels: Thrifted.
Floral Vintage Jacket: Giveaway win from Wildflower.
Flower Ring: Gift from my aunt.

Why hello everyone!
It's probably no surprise to you all that my favorite flower is a rose. I'm constantly sporting little details of roses in my outfits whether it be fabric, accessories, or even a prop! My parents always buy me roses for my birthday every year, and I make Matt get me a single rose for Valentine's day, hehe :) I keep all of the petals of the roses I receive and dry them out and then place them in a little glass jar on my beside table to keep me company. Not to mention my favorite area at the local town garden is the rose garden! It makes me so sad that there are no roses right now in the midst of winter, so I made up for their absence with my outfit. Roses, roses, roses galore

Only two more days of miserable mid-terms everyone! Half way done thank goodness.
With much love, Lauren.


Jana K said...

I love this outfit-it's elegant but bold :) The colors are marvelous.

Roses are my favorite flower too! They're so lovely.

Maria said...

I must tell you that I always get so excited when a new post from you pops up in my Google Reader. You are so lovely hehe :)
I love this outfit, especially because roses are my favourite flower! You look so classy and it has a slight Parisian vibe to it... J'adore!

Midwest Muse said...

That dress is simply beautiful. I'm not surprised roses are your favorite. They're very much a Lauren flower! Good luck on your midterms, lady!

his_girl_friday said...

So sweet and pretty!

Wild Flower said...

You finally wore it, and it looks amazing! So adorable, roses suit you well I believe. :)
Good luck wit the rest of your midterms!


Elanor said...

i don't know how you aren't wearing tights! isn't it cold? it doesn't snow here but i have to wear tights every day because of how chilly it is. maybe i'm just weak, haha!

roses are very pretty, and that little jacket is so sweet! you look beautiful, lauren!

Mila said...

This outfit is so absolutely adorable and pretty! I love the little girly touches, like the ruffles on the bottom of your dress, and the roses on your jacket. We have a rose garden in my local area as well! It smells wonderful, and it is so pretty. I hope yours is lovely as well, I'm sure it is! Good luck with the rest of your midterms, I am so thankful to be done with them!


Unknown said...

I love roses too, they are really beautiful.

Those earrings are precious! I'm a sucker for cute studs!

jess said...

I love the detail on the hem.

Jennifer said...

Aw that dress is super cute! Great photos!

xo Jennifer


OrigamiGirl said...

This outfit is gorgeous. I love your winter outfits. I think it's partly the bright colours against the snow backdrop, plus my admiration for showing bare skin in the cold!

Kezzie said...

They are such pretty earrings!

Zane said...

gorgeous dress and cute blazer. and I adore your earrings.

Unknown said...

I love this. You look so pretty in that red dress and the printed jacket is awesome. Roses are my favorite too. I guess it helps that Rose is my middle name, though.

Ulia Ali said...

You're so beautiful and you got very unique, feminine style. I would love to wear some of your looks too :)

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