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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day For Yourself.

Valentine's Day doesn't have to only be celebrated by couples-- I think it's also important to show a little love to yourself that day! Last year I moped around the weeks previous to Valentine's Day about not having a valentine for the first time in five years, and even on the day I was quite a sourpuss. Going out to eat with my friends made the night of course a lot better, but at the end of the day I still remember wishing I had someone to spend it with.

This year I feel completely different. I sort of wake up every day excited that I'm a day closer to Valentine's Day. And no, it's not because I have a boy to spend it with; it's because it's just such a lovely holiday when you think about it. I realize I love everything about Valentine's Day-- the colors, the food, the clothing, the decorations, and the feeling it gives you. I have some plans with friends to spend the day and of course, can't wait to skype my family and give them Valentine's Day wishes to let them know how much they mean to me.

And then I can't forget another important person to spend Valentine's Day with--myself! I'm excited to treat myself this year with my favorite candies, some homemade tea I've been getting into in my favorite mug, painting my nails to match the holiday, and of course donning red in my favorite lipstick shade (ever). And then this year I have one more thing I get to treat myself with on Valentine's Day-- a beautiful, romantic new lingerie set! 

Adore Me kindly me over this absolutely stunning bra and underwear set, called the Carly,in my favorite color to wear. It has gorgeous lace detailing and contrasting orchid colored buttons accenting both pieces. I've received items from Adore Me before (see here) and am never, ever disappointed. If I wasn't saving every one of my spare pennies for Italy right now, I would sign up for their service where you get sent a set of lingerie every month based on your preferences. Literally, this place blows away Victoria's Secret with their designs. The beautiful retro sets have my heart just breaking (ugh, this one and this one especially) and I love the unlined balconette bras like what I got last time. My only disappointment is that they don't have a great selection for smaller chests (I'm talking A here). Most times it's the larger sizes retailers fail to carry, but Adore Me has breathtaking sets that go up to 40I, but I'd like to see them expand their selection for smaller chests. We want pretty things, too! But I am still super excited that this red set was luckily in my size--only fitting that I match my undergarments to my near all red wardrobe! 

Also, Adore Me sent over this perfect pink phone case that goes along with their #AdoreMeLove  Instagram campaign. Adore Me understands ladies and wants everyone to post a Valentine's Day themed photo of themselves and tag it with #AdoreMeLove + say the things you love about yourself! You'll be entered in to win some pretty prizes ♥ I know I've already tagged a few of my photos--wouldn't mind expanding my lingerie collection one bit. x

I hope this Valentine's Day you do something lovely for yourself and remember that before someone else can love you, you have to love yourself first! 

With much love, Lauren.


bashashhazbaz said...

those are some very pretty choices you have there! i like them very much! two thumbs up!

Kezzie said...

Very pretty! I second the small sizes thing!!! Hope you have a lovely Valentines! X

Madison Martine said...

Loved this post! I love that nail polish color!

Madison Martine

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Love this Lauren! I also think Valentine's is a great time to think about our love for our family and friends, not just a significant other. All of my single girlfriends and I are planning to go to dinner together, and shop for some special things for ourselves.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more Lauren! I have grown to love valentines day, despite being single. My friends and I have made a tradition of hosting a baking day on feb 14th. This year, we're planning to cook up a 3 course meal to enjoy under the stars. I cannot wait!

Ooh I adore the lingerie! If only I too weren't trying to save for exchange, then I would sign up to that offer in a flash!

xx Carina

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