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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Same Old, Same Old.

^ This is a parking meter after last night's snow storm. Yikes ^

Red Sweater, Houndstooth Skirt, Earrings: Thrifted.
Flats (which you can't even see): c/o Pink and Pepper.

*EDIT: This post is referring to a few select commenters; not the vast majority of you all. I don't want you to think that I don't want your comments and suggestions--I appreciate them all very much, but it's when people are nasty and all knowing about it I get upset like this*

Like the weather, sometimes I just get tired of blogging I guess. Not blogging in itself, but people, the internet, this whole weird thing that I don't even really know what it is. People are just so unable to empathize now a days and think that they are always right, feeling the need to interject with this unabashed opinion. It's often the very thing that I feel like will make me not blog forever; that one part about blogging that really, really bothers me (and has for four and a half years) Often times it makes me think about starting another random blog so no one can find me.

Unless you live in an incredibly snowy place, you're just not going to understand, and why try to interject your opinion when you don't understand? I live in Northern Ohio. By the lakes, where we get lake effect. Where we're right in the middle of the snow belt that gets the most snow. What people don't get is not only is winter here physically taxing, but so emotionally taxing, as well. It effects the way you think and the way you live your life every day and that's somewhat what I was talking about in my last post. I am mentally exhausted. Yes, physically, but mentally when you do this day in and day out sometimes you can't handle it anymore.

Sometimes the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is the thought of putting on a nice outfit. Of trying to have some creativity in this wasteland of snow, ice, wind, and cold to brighten my days. It may seem to you that I don't dress warm enough, but if you live in a cold climate you'll know that at a certain point, it doesn't matter how warm you dress. It doesn't matter if you wear your heaviest jacket, your fleece lined tights, your hat and gloves and scarf....you will still be cold. And I've learned this and think, well if I'm going to be cold, why not at least wear something I like and makes me feel good about myself? I wear three pair of tights most days in order to go about wearing dresses and skirts. When I take outfit photos, obviously I'm not wearing JUST these pieces around my 20 minute walk to each of my classes. I wear a winter coat and the appropriate pieces, but guess what? I'm still cold because it's below 0 most days with the stinkin' wind chill. Would you rather I just wore uggs and a northface and sweatpants every day and take outfit pictures? No, because then I'd get ridiculed for that, too. I went through a period a few weeks ago where I was only wearing pants and dressing in complete winter outfits and then I got a lot of crap for those about not looking cute enough. I bit my tongue and didn't say anything at the time, but this sort of thing just keeps happening where people think it's okay all the time to nit pick what I wear and my choices and I'm just sick of it.

Am I supposed to just give up and let winter win and abandon my fashion blog all together? I've tried not to. I push through the cold and the winter because I love this blog. I love taking pictures of my outfits and I love dressing up. But after being positive for so long, not complaining since it's been snowing since November I write a little expressing my exhaustion (mental and physical) and get ridiculed for it? I'm just sick and tired of everyone thinking they have this holier than thou opinion and tell me what to do when they probably have no idea what I go through every day here. Why do people feel the need to just be nasty a-holes and can't they just say instead, "I hope spring comes fast, too?" Why do they feel the need to just constantly bring me down and not say positive, uplifting, things? 

I need to turn off the commenting on my blog for awhile because it's just left a sour taste in my mouth. I don't know, I'll turn it on again when perhaps I can better handle criticism and the opinions of others (which will be the next thing people will rag on me about). I still want to post outfits and blog, but just the comments have gotten a little bit too much for me lately.

With much love, Lauren.
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