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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chasing Away the Winter Blues.

Yellow Polka Dot Dress: Clothing Swap, brand is
Red Sweater: Old Navy.
Dotted White Tights: c/o OASAP.
Earrings: Vintage.
Pearl Necklace: Gift from my grandmother.
Spectator Shoes: Thrifted.
Lipstick in MAC's Russian Red.

The length and burden of winter can be crushing sometimes. So many bleak days that blend into one another with little, to nothing, to look forward to. Most people think, what's the point in getting dressed up? It's cold, it's snowy, and I don't feel like putting effort in. We all have those days--sometimes winter just wins over our emotions and puts us into 'one of those' moods.

Don't let winter hold you back though from donning what you love. If anything, winter should be even more of an excuse to wear something fun, something that makes you happy, something that makes others smile. It's during this time of the year that you need to have something to brighten your day and give you a reason to get up in the morning and look forward to the day's events. Whether it be a color, a silhouette, a style of dress, or even just a favorite piece...chase the winter blues away every once in awhile and say,

"This is my day, and nothing is going to stop me."

With much love, Lauren.


Kezzie said...

Yes, lovely positive thoughts!!! (However, I keep getting iller when I wear such pretty outfits I want to, so I might have to pass on that until I'm fully recovered!) X
What a pretty dress, how nice to have got that in the swap! What made you decide to wear it with the cardie under? Intriguing choice!
Loving those shoes! You thrift nice ones!

Sammi said...

This look is so pretty and playful, and you look gorgeous! Such nice happy thoughts amongst all the gray and cold! :)

xox Sammi

Anonymous said...

I agree. Sometimes I decide to dress up a bit for no particular reason just because it cheers me up! Being home schooled, I stay indoors most of the winter simply because I don't have anywhere to go. There's nothing like sporting a pretty dress and bright lipstick to perk up my mood and keep the winter blues at bay.

On a side note, did you use rollers or an iron for your hair here? I'm a tad bit envious :) It's so lovely!

xoxo, Alesha

Madison Martine said...

You look stunning!!

Madison Martine

Emmy said...

This is so cheery and bright! Really puts a smile on my face. That dress looks gorgeous on you!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous and bright dress and so cool those snowflake earrings. Nice bit of the old bling :) Your hair is so classic and wonderful too.

Anonymous said...

I've decided to call yu Sleepingbeauty.
Lol .everybody gets tired with d work load n I think you do too.its normal to get dat tired, don't worry I think yull be able to see d whole of Florence.... sleep won't stop you .BTW, do get some lovely shots in d great VINEyards;they'll be #Amazing....id like to see you on d back of a horse wid yur preety out fit (Crazy thought)
Plzzz visit sienna and Valencia....
Will you go to d famous juliets Balcony idk ; if dat really exists...awww ur going to such a Artistic &Romantic
Placeeee ....

Nice color choice yellow always brightens my Day!!!
- Ella

Forwhichtheheartbeats said...

Such a beautiful dress, so feminine, elegant and lovely colors.

Although I hate the bone chilling cold of the winter I often lament that I do not get to wear the gorgeous warm winter clothing like overcoats, jackets, woolens, boots and all the pretty things which are exclusive for cold climate. *sigh* the grass is always greener on the other side I guess.

Mimi said...

Could you fill in the brand for the dress? I absolutely love it! :)

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Mimi, I'm so sorry! It's by Alexandra Bartlett :)

Unknown said...

You look like a stepford wife! Charming! And what a good idea to put a cardi UNDER a sundress!
xoxo, Lindsey Dish

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